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  1. I began a test transition to Nimbus Note last year during the darker early days of v10, and loved the elegant note formatting capabilities and partitioned spaces for work, personal, etc.  I found the search inadequate and the Android app not so good, however.  I ended up returning to Evernote – mostly due to Nimbus' deficient search capabilities, but primarily due to the concerns raised by other posters about the location of the data potentially being in Russia.  Their team seemed just a little too insistent that they were ‘proudly based in the US’.  Without being able to confirm either way, I elected to stick with EN despite its ongoing teething problems.

  2. 7 hours ago, kthawkins said:


    Forgive me, but I'm going to tag onto the end of this.

    If V10, Legacy and web are all working from the EN server, albeit with different levels of local storage. Why do the different versions show different note totals?

    I work mainly in Legacy, this has 42,627 notes currently, V10, on the same computer (Win10) has 41,679 notes, web is showing 42,567! Why the big discrepancy?

    I'm also finding that V10 is not syncing, I have had the app open on my computer for over 24 hours, it does not have any notes showing from before Aug 13. I have an additional 151 notes in Legacy since the last one showing in V10. What's happening to the 'automatic' sync?

    I managed to catch up with the recent Harmon Enterprises webinar last night and I was impressed with the new Tasks functionality. It looks similar to something I've been searching for years, and I was thinking of upgrading frm my legacy Evernote Premium to Professional. It's not a possibility until I can ensure that all my notes are available in V10.

    I look forward to the answers.

    Many thanks for any assistance provide.

    I only have a discrepancy between Web (22561) and the Windows legacy version (22567) of only six notes, but I tracked one down to see.  It was a note that had been shared with me via Workchat that is unavailable, but still shows up in the legacy version.  I do recall in the past that shared notes were counted (or not counted) differently between platforms. 

    Weirdly, the same account on three different Android devices returns 22514, 22543 and 22555 notes!

  3. @tjsuominen, your other option is to retain v6.25 and trial v10 via the web app, which has mostly the same functionality.  I'm doing this right now on one of my laptops, primarily because the v6.25 retains the ability to set and edit note locations manually and batch operations like moving and retagging can be undertaken on large numbers of notes and are still much faster than in v10.

  4. 5 hours ago, DTLow said:

    I use the raw search grammar as documented at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313828     
    I type the parameters into the search box; for example notebook:aaaaaa intitle:Grande

    When online, searches are run on the server using the server search engine and server search index    
    Your screenshot shows you're offline so the search is run on your device, using your device search engine and device search index

    To add to this good advice from @DTLow, make sure you put double quotes around your notebook name, since it contains spaces (I think you also have a leading '.' too?).

    notebook:".Statements To Reconcile/Bills to Pay" intitle:Grande


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  5. On 12/14/2020 at 4:31 PM, jrgreensboro said:


    legacy evernote not displaying left panel -- same problem here. has happened to me twice

    F10 won't display left panel, view menu checkmark won't work either to allow you to view left pane

    have restarted, rebooted, etc etc. no dice.

    TL;DR: here is what I did: kill all evernote background processes, change text/app size in display resolution settings to smaller value like 200% and restarting evernote fixed the problem somehow, then just change text/app setting to normal recommended value and the fix sticks

    I recently moved from windows 7 to windows 10 and found a lot of legacy apps weren't displaying properly mainly because they weren't recognizing the enhanced resolutions of new displays.

    i found that some utility apps i used like "launchy" would be tiny unusable icons.  some enterprising developers developed workaround icons and apps to work around these issues.

    after reading the plethora of stuck invisible left panels comments (distracting me from the more woeful comments about evernote version 10)  i wondered if display resolution was a problem with legacy evernotes left panel problem.

    So here is what i did.

    1) quit all versions of evernote

    2) make sure there are no instances of evernote running in the background using either windows native task manager or other tools like resource monitor or dos third party tools like pskill.

    3) go to display resolution and change size of apps from 300% (which my settings say is "recommended") to something smaller (I used 200%)

    4) everything will now be tiny tiny and nigh unusable, but this is only a temporary step

    5) now start legacy evernote  -- i now see a full left panel with all notes/tags -- i can even resize the panel with the left/right arrows at the RH border of the left panel. -- so all fixed but too tiny to be workable

    6) now go back to display resolution settings and change back to recommended level (mine says 300%)

    7) the fix sticks.

    this worked for me on a thinkpad x1 carbon running windows 7 version 2004 build 19041 and evernote legacy version. Note I also have the hated version 10 of evernote running parallel. I just make sure all versions of evernote are killed before changing resolution. 

    note: the first time this happened i changed both the resolution to something old-fashioned like 1024x768 and text size of 200% but wasn't sure if one or the other fixed the problem.  The second time, i simply changed the text size as mentioned above and it fixed the issue for me.  why did the problem resurrect itself. I'm guessing a windows update while the laptop was asleep as a lot of things were amiss when i woke the laptop up yesterday, but hadn't noticed the evernote left panel problem had re-occured until today.


    hope this helps someone as i know your mileage may vary.

    I've been waiting *so* long for a solution to this one.  Thank you, @jrgreensboro!

  6. 5 hours ago, Tamagotchi said:

    One final comment. With 11k plus notes loaded, Nimbus Notes desktop is slower than Nimbus Notes in a browser tab. I dumped the desktop app, as I did for EN10 desktop, in preference for the browser tab. 

    With Nimbus Notes, the functionality of the desktop and Chrome browser app is the same, including right-click menus. They look identical too. There is no loss of functionality moving to the browser with Nimbus Notes and only benefits. 

    The Android app is good too with a familiar UI but I have yet to find an option to download the notes. The default is a snippet for each note which is download automatically. 

    The option to download the notes in Android is under Settings/Synchronisation/Synchronisation type.

    Glad to hear it's working well with 11K notes. I've imported a few hundred, but am a bit tentative about committing further (I have 25K notes) until I understand the benefits and limitations for my particular work flow.

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  7. 17 hours ago, Gnopps said:

    Nimbus Note seems like a very good alternative to EN, having given it a quick try my first impressions are these:

    Plus with Nimbus

    • Very feature rich
    • Active development
    • Smart functions
    • Communication with their support very good

    Negative with Nimbus

    • Web clipper (tried both Firefox and Chrome) not at all as good as EN clipper
    • Windows app not native and seem to be missing some functions compared to web
    • No import folder
    • Fewer apps integrate with Nimbus

    Important with Nimbus

    One thing to pay attention to with Nimbus though is that it seems you don't own your data! See below taken from their T&C (bolding mine):

    The Company does not guarantee the security of any information transmitted to or from the Website. Any material, information or other communication You transmit or post to the Website will be considered non-confidential. The Company will have no obligations with respect to such communications. By transmitting or posting any information, You grant the Company an unrestricted royalty free right to copy, disclose, distribute, otherwise dispose and use of such information.

    As I read the this paragraph they're basically saying that you they can disclose what I upload as I prefer. I've asked them what this means and am waiting for the answer still (support answered quickly, but needed to check with legal).

    It is a shame how EN is handling this release. If there was clear communication and roadmap then I'd be more confident to stay. As it is now I'm using the legacy version. I asked them (recently) for both roadmap and how long legacy will remain but they haven't replied yet.

    I recently received an email (presumably automated) from the CEO/founder asking how I was finding Nimbus after downloaded it.  I quoted the same clause in my response and I'll post here if I receive any clarification.

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  8. On 10/15/2020 at 1:55 AM, hanseric said:

    I could not have expressed this better myself. I'm a 10 year power user with about 20k notes and it saddens me to say I'm teetering on the edge of saying "eff it" and moving on.  It's very likely I'll be going back to 6.25 soon. But I'm kind of looking to see what kind of response EN is going to make toward their elite (if you will) users while still ferreting out all the changes. I need to assess how much of what's "missing" is just relocated and do I want to invest the time in relearning those locations.

    Clearly this first minimum viable product or MVP (if it is indeed that) is lacking from our viewpoint so much that we're considering which new ship to jump toward.

    What EN needs to do is immediately get some solid communication out which is addressed specifically to users like us. I don't know how many of their customer base is "power", etc. but I suspect there's quite a few. We are a completely different marketing persona than those they hope to attract by making the UI "easier to use" or whatever they are trying to do actually.

    We need to know what to expect by way of achieving some kind of parity between what we can do in 6.25 and future versions of 10--and roughly by when.

    Meanwhile, I'll be checking out Nimbus again. I gave it a look a while back and don't recall why I didn't jump over then, but I think it had to do with the lack of a Chrome clipper, which is a pretty big part of the EN experience for me.

    I've downloaded Nimbus and am giving the web, Windows and Android versions a try at the moment.  Nimbus does some things differently to EN (in a good way), but a few things are a bit shaky.  There is a Chrome clipper, although it isn't quite as polished as the EN clipper.

    If you import some EN notes from an enex file Nimbus give you a month of premium to try.

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  9. My laptop screen is 4K (it's a Dell XPS 15 9560) and the other (which is the primary monitor when connected) is a 24" 1920x1200 Dell desktop monitor.  I've fiddled around endlessly with no success and have given up trying to sort this out!  I just live with it when using the laptop away from the dock.  The other gripe for me is that when I power up in the multi-monitor configuration, the EN window is HUGE, stretching several screen widths off to the right and I have to go through multiple resizings to get it back to one screen.  I feel as though this is an issue overall with the way Windows 10 copes with multiple monitors with differing resolutions, and perhaps also EN's way of trying to work around the information it's being fed by the OS.

    Good luck finding a solution and let me know if you do!



  10. I have exactly this problem, with a multi-monitor setup also. My laptop screen easily has enough width to display the left panel, but even registry editing of the left panel visibility and width won't let it display. It does return when I attach the other monitor, ironically on the same laptop screen (now acting as a secondary monitor) where it refuses to show when on its own!

  11. 7 hours ago, Dave-in-Decatur said:

    One -- I'd settle for one solid release, so I can finally feel confident about updating.

    I'm in the same boat as you, @Dave-in-Decatur, but I feel as though the latest general release (6.14.5) is pretty good, all things considered.  There are still a few quirks, but I have found myself using it more and more after becoming quite disgruntled a few months back. 

    Funny how much of a good influence it is to be able to use a piece of software without having to consciously steel oneself for problems!  Hopefully the ‘downward spiral’ is simply part of the usual process of change most organisations go through regularly.

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  12. 18 minutes ago, DTLow said:

    That does pin the note, but not to the top of a notebook.
    Its not just a notebook thing; I have note collections where I want to control the top note

    My work-around is to adjust the sort factors so these notes automatically sort to the top of the list.
    This is mostly a title thing.  In title sequence, a title prefixed with "-" is at the top; for example    -Project Master Note
    I can also adjust the note update/create dates for the other sort sequences.

    Fair point, @DTLow.  I love shortcuts, but they don't give any hint as to where the note originated.

  13. 9 hours ago, Ralph77 said:

    I hope you're right! I'm a born cynic though, so I can't resist commenting that the perhaps last employees to be shown the door will be the social media team ?
    I wonder which release was "rolled bacK" (and what that even means?) - I'm still on 6.11, so should I update to 6.13? Or are they in the process of deprecating 6.13 in favour of 6.12 again? I think that's a rather confusing tweet!

    I suspect they are referring to the behind the scenes software that drives the server syncing rather than the Evernote clients. It has been a worrying couple of days though – I've been suffering from 'Evernote anxiety'!

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