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  1. I am a premium member. I use EN Windows, iPhone and iPad, everyday for work and home. I will not update to V5. Thankfully I watched the presentation today after I received the email annoucing the release of V5 for Windows. Here are the notes that I made: I use shortcuts on the favorites bar and have no room for them in the left side window.Atlas useless to me.Reminders???? That is what Outlook is for.Search ahead is coolSaved searches, maybe not so much.Related notes, an annoying feature that I don't like.Jump to notebook, useless. I do that now by clicking on the notebook in the left side window. I have room for all 19 notebooks that I have, but no space for shortcuts there.Jump to tags, useless. I do that now by clicking on tags pull down on the favorites bar. So, I repeat, all in all, no thanks on V5. I may be an unusual user, but does anyone at Evernote ask users what they want, and/or know how people use this most excellant product? Please do not kill V4, and fix V5. Don't make me go back to OneNote, please.
  2. Hello markg, I think the combination of Outlook and Evernote is perfect for me. I work for a sales organization and do technical support/technical consulting. My contacts are Outlook, and I use it for email, forwarding or clipping emails that I save over to Evernote with customer name as a tag. Most correspondence and all phone call notes are kept in Evernote for easy look up. If my phone rings I open a new note in Evernote and start typing phone notes. I also store reference material and .pdfs in an Evernote reference notebook. For me this combination of Outlook and Evernote is perfect and available on my Windows PC, iPhone, iPad and if needed on the web. I do use Copy Note Link, for better organize my reference manuals. I just make a directory note linked to all of them. Great blog, great ideas. I don't use a scanner, I snap a photo with my phone or pad and then put them in Evernote. (but why can't I find a spell checker for this forum?)
  3. I have two feature requests for Evernote: When emailing from Evernote, it would really be helpful for Evernote to access my contacts in Outlook so I don't have to go look up an email address and copy and paste it into the Evernote email address box. I would prefer that Evernote not strip the header off of emails that I send it. I am losing some notes, some proof, when it strips of the To: the Date: and the Subject: I am an Evernote lover, I have been using Evernote as my external brain after migrating from Onenote since November 2010. I use Evernote for to take notes from all customer phone calls and emails. Not to mention for everything in my personal life. Thank you Evernote for a phenomenal tool that I use constantly.
  4. I use EN for everything. It has helped me go paperless. I keep all my customer notes, mostly from phone calls, along with all emails customer related. I keep my Outlook inbox empty because I deal with them and store emails and replies in EN. I also have a reference notebook that keep all the work related .PDFs and knowledge base documents in. I share my customer and my reference notebook with my colleagues. I have a personal notebook that I share wife my wife. I keep pictures of receipts for warranty, price references, medical card, prescription information. automobile oil change info and miles per gallon info, a picture of my license plate, owners manual for TV, satellite receiver. I make check list of items that I need to take with me to lake or race track. I keep everything in EN. It is my go to for all information that I think I may need on my PC, iPhone and iPad. I am paperless, if I get a piece of paper I need I scan it and put in EN and recycle the paper. I have even started a numbered list of all the features I do use as a reminder and to share with others. I think EN is awesome.
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