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  1. I would love to be able to sort my notebooks by tags in the Android app. Seems odd that you can sort by Place but not by Tag. On the desktop version, tags are a great way to sort the notes in a notebook. But then you go to the Android version and you can no longer use the tag for sorting. Messes up my system and I can't think of a better way to do it.
  2. I should add that I have the Premium paid service. My phone does not connect to the Internet. But it does need to connect by WiFi. And for it to sync the password for my android Evernote has to match the online Evernote. Or so it seems to me. I changed my online Evernote password and now my Android Evernote will not sync.
  3. I need to change the password of my Android Evernote app. I done a search on this forum and found others with the same question but I cannot get any of the solutions to work. Is there a way to change the password without logging off and having to resync everything. Seems like there should be a menu item that says "Password." Thanks for your help.
  4. I think this application is great. It is one that I have been hoping for. It almost has everything I want. The only it does not have is the ability to stay on top of an application. Maybe in a future update? Thank you to the creator of the application.
  5. Thanks for the great ideas. I think this is the hardest part about using Evernote, deciding on the organizational scheme.
  6. Well, it was just a thought. I was learning about tags this weekend and I got the impression that was how tags worked. Then when I started using tags, I was kind of disappointed. I think I've decided it is easiest to use notebooks for most of the organization and maybe use tags for just special situations, but I'm still thinking about it.
  7. A feature that I think would make Evernote more dynamic would be hierarchical filters. I know you can do filters with the search and that those searches can be saved. But I feel like there is a better way to use filters, that would make the filters much easier and faster to use. You could just drag and drop them to create different hierarchies. The left pane has several sections: Notebooks, Tags, Attribute, Saved Searches, and Trash. I think there also should be a section for hierarchical filtering using tags. As I have envisioned it, it would look much like the tag section looks now, but instead of having a hierarchical for organizing tags, the hierarchical would be a filter. So for example if you have this hierarchy: Tag 1 . . . .Tag2 . . . .. . . .Tag3 Tag3 If you clicked on Tag1, you would get every note that has been tagged with Tag1. If you click on Tag2, you would get every note in Tag1 that is also tagged with Tag2. And of course if you click on Tag3, you would get every note in Tag1 that has also been tagged with Tag2 and then tagged with Tag3. Then if you clicked on the second Tag3, because it is at the first level, you would get ever note that has a Tag3 tag. I think this would be a very flexible way to organize notes. You could create a structure that would be the same as that used with notebooks, but with more levels. And you could use the tags in other creative ways. You could even have Not tags. Such as: Tag1 . . . .<Tag2> So if you clicked on <Tag2> you would see all the notes with Tag1 that do not have the tag Tag2. Perhaps you could do Or and Either tags, but that might be getting too detailed and unnecessary. I hope this makes sense. It seems like it would work well and be easy to use. The only negative is you would have to use tags on all your notes. And you would have to plan your tags in advance, not just create tags willie neely.
  8. That is a good point. Kindle will probably be constantly update since the Kindle is so popular. But the Kindle web browser may update itself to be compatible with Evernote mobile. I went back into Evernote mobile using my Kindle and it almost works now. I can type in my username and password without a problem and I can type in a title for a new note. But for some strange reason I cannot type anything into the body of the note.
  9. I'm already pretty happy with Evernote, but as someone without one of those fancy phones, I think it would be great the Evernote mobile website worked on the Kindle. Of course I understand that Kindle does not use the standard web browser, so it's not Evernote fault that it doesn't work. But if Evernote mobile could be tweaked to work on the Kindle that would be all I would need. I think Kindle does have the potential of being a great note taking device. Amazon doesn't even need to know about the tweaks.
  10. Has anyone tried using Evernote with a grammar / style checker? I'd be interested in know how that worked. I'm thinking specifically about White Smoke which seems to claim it can work with most programs. Also, if you do use White Smoke, does it work very well in general?
  11. I have started using Evernote for most of my writings and other things. But I find that for to do lists and reminders a post it note program that stays on my desktop is best. Is there a post it note program that works with Evernote, meaning it saves to the Evernote database?
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