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  1. Looks likely that this bug has now been fixed
  2. Evernote: There have been several posts about this bug in Windows, Mac and web platforms. "Recent searches" do not update and there is no tool to remove them or update them manually. This is a very annoying bug that needs to be addressed asap. Thank you.
  3. 10.19.2 VERSION of Windows Desktop on PC with latest Windows 10 Same problem with Note with Task deleted still showing up in Task List. Made the mistake of permanently deleting the note and now the Task Widget won't open. Spinning Green Elephant as I assume the widget is looking for the note to match up with the task that is still within the widget. BUG! Can only access my tasks note by note
  4. Thank you for taking the time to post this. It makes sense. However, I have other issues with Evernote (latency, adding existing notes as new notes (ie, changing the created/update date to today's date) and just the starts and stops of their strategy over the years. Luckily I only updated to the new Windows version on my laptop but not my PC (which I tend to use more), but I sure wish I could go back to the previous version. Yeah, I'll probably stay put, but they have put a serious hitch in my workflow.
  5. I could be wrong but it appears that a number of the changes (that we all miss) are related to less syncing & thus less bandwidth usage on the server side. I'm days away from leaving Evernote after over 10 years unless there is some sort of response from them in this thread. Their silence is deafening !
  6. This is a key function for me to use Evernote. If it doesn't come back, after using Evernote (since near the very beginning), I will have to consider my options. I hope you will listen to the community and not only bring it back, but prioritize it's (re)development! And while we're at it, the sync button needs to return. The latency in the "automatic" sync is frustrating!
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