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  1. @Rich Tener and @jeff.kowalski, thank you for your responses, those make perfect sense. @jefito sorry for my less-than-straightforward answer. My worries were that something like NixNote could be banned too, but the other responses have addressed that worry. @compromised: beyond what the others have said, I might suggest turning on Multi-factor authentication.
  2. This is true, however, Geeknote did not cause a security incident. Unless something non-public occurred, from what we have been told (above): ...What will stop the miscreants from using NixNote (or any other) client non-official client? When a compromised account is found on another non-official client, my fear is that Evernote will ban those as well. This is very ominous sign for non-official clients. Added, thanks.
  3. Also, to add to this: since the security concern is not related to Geeknote (or the forks), it seems to be an overreaction to ban the entire use of the tool just because it was used by bad actors. It would be akin to saying you would ban the Windows client for everyone because a some sets of compromised credentials were used with it (which I'm sure compromised credentials have been used with the Windows client too) I get that Geeknote and/or Linux isn't nearly as widely used as the other platforms. Is there an Evernote client option for Linux? ...that isn't the web client?
  4. I will note that I had sent in a whole bunch of email notes[1]. I also happen to run the mail server where I work (where the notes were queued). I'll note that last night (~20:00 CST) I flushed the queued email to Evernote. All of the email was sent to Evernote. My notes have been showing up, however, one at a time every 15 mins-2 hours since then. I have faith they'll eventually show up. Now... If only there was an offline Linux client, I'd be much less worse off if this would happen again... -Jeff [1] I use a copier/scanner to scan my notes in and I've programmed my evernote email address into it.
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