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  1. Hi all, can you confirm that the following two features are gone now (or tell me how it now works if they are still available): - sending notes as an email (all I find is the option to give somebody access, but then just a link is sent, not the note) - tags in the taglist are no longer formatted (before you could assign colors, bold font, ...) and so are the color markings for each note in the vertical list @Evernote Can we expect any of these features to return any time soon? Cheers, Greyzy
  2. @gazumped Thanks! The funny thing is: the auto-complete function works in the web application. Duh! 😵
  3. Thanks to both you for your replies! 🙂 Is there anybody out there also using the Windows App who might check if the auto-complete function for tags really doesn't work in workbooks that are shared with the user? Thanks in advance, Tom
  4. Just some more details: he can add tags through the Desktop App, but the auto-complete function does not work (after typing the first character all available tags starting with that character show up in my desktop app - I am the one sharing it - but not in his Desktop App) he can see all tags from my workbook in the leftmost screen area (column) with my user name added in brackets, but the color formating that I did doesn't work (I gave certain tags different colors, but they all show up in the standard color on his end) we are both using the free version of EN (we are willing to upgrade if our initial testing is to our satisfaction) Can someone please comment if this the "normal" behaviour, or if we need to change some settings etc.? Will upgrading to a paid version (which one? do both parties need to upgrade?) remedy these problems? Thanks in advance, Tom
  5. Hi, I'm new to EN, so please forgive me if this has been answered already (yes, I DID search for answers in the forum first!): I shared a notebook with my colleague and added one note that contains all tags that we intend to use (this document actually uses each tag, so all tags are used at least once in the notebook, which is a tip I found in some other post). Through the web application my colleague can now add notes and use the tags that are already in the notebook (even though he cannot add new tags). But for some reaon he cannot tag notes when he uses the Desktop App (WIN 10). Is that normal or are we doing something wrong? Thanks, Tom
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