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  1. I find this absolutely annoying. I have had MANY precious notes (written notes with iPad pencil) lost after my iPad went to sleep and Evernote does NOT save them. I don't understand why Evernote cannot override the auto-lock/sleep function when all other recipe apps (NYT Cooking, Paprika) doesn't go to sleep. Clearly, there is a way!
  2. I have had many instances when I write down notes on my iPad Pro (with Pencil) and Evernote goes to sleep. When i turn it back on, ALL OF MY WRITTEN NOTES ARE GONE. It's very frustrating when a note-taking app is NOT saving notes I wrote. This only happens when I use the Pencil to actually write notes. But not when I'm using the keyboard. If there is already a work around to keep this from happening (other than keeping Evernote from going to sleep?), please share!
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