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  1. Hi Evernote Team, The "Switch To" (⌘+J) feature is one that I use the most using Evernote for it is the easiest way, I find, to search for the notes I want. But as you can see in the screenshot provided, a long and descriptive Notebook name could take up the entire line and I wouldn't be able to tell which Note I am selecting. May I suggest that the name of the Note to be displayed on a separate line so that they would both (the name of the Note and the Notebook which it belongs to) be shown and would not interfere each other? An even better solution to this, in my opinion, would be to show a preview of the selected Note to the right of the "Switch To" view. The preview could be something like the Snippet View or something similar to the macOS's Spotlight search. I find the Snippet View to be the most informative of all views and the most helpful when it comes to finding the wanted Note when browsing through all of my Notes. Your effort is appreciated! A long-time user
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