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  1. FYI, None of the above solutions worked for me. But I figured it out in the end: I'm running a 64-bit version of Windows 7, and had Evernote 3.5 installed: I ran the EvernoteVersions utility with the "/clean" flag. That seemed to remove "most" of the 3.5 version, and rid me of the reboot loop issue. I removed the Evernote folder from the Program Files (x86) directory. It only had another sub folder called Evernote, which was empty. There was nothing in the Program Files directory (since I'm on 64-bit Windows). I totally cleared out my system %TEMP% folder. I would recommend you all do this anyway, to free up some space This got rid of the log and installer files for Evernote. Finally, now this is what REALLY solved the problem, but MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING!!!!!! I started to remove all registry entries that contained the text "Evernote". I removed a bunch, and retired the installer and it worked! I don't know if I completely cleared out the registry, but I did get like 10+ entries. Since I'm moving to a new laptop, I didn't really care TOO much, but needed Evernote running in the interim. Hope this helps someone out there, but remember, BE CAREFUL!!!
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