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  1. Just updated to v.1.4.15 via the app catalog on Pre 2 and Pixi Plus devices. The updated version is working well overall, but in both instances tags fail to appear in the list of notes (recent). Tags are correctly listed in the details of each note, but all notes are listed as "Not Tagged" in the recent notes list.
  2. Downloaded today and found this beta (v. 1.4.12) to be stable on my unlocked Pre 2 with webOS 2.1.0. I successfully created and played back several test audio notes. Great new functionality! Is there a change log available somewhere?
  3. Two requests that echo what previous posters have mentioned here: 1. Tag filtering - Many of us have a lot of tags/categories and would prefer to select them from a list rather than trying to type them from memory. The memos (notes) app on the old PalmOS handhelds and Treos had a drop-down box for tag filtering for over a decade and that's what we have come to expect on Palm devices. Other platforms are different and may not consider this a priority, but most of your competitor apps on WebOS have this and it would help to make this the premier notes app on WebOS. 2. Offline note access - We really need to be able to access our notes even when we don't have a data connection. Thanks to the developers for all their hard work on this great app for WebOS.
  4. Thanks, yes that does work and is convenient if you don't have many tags. I use a lot of tags, though, and would really like to be able to pick from a drop-down list. Some of the competitor apps on WebOS have this capability, which was standard on the PalmOS handhelds for over a decade. Thanks again to the developers for improving this app for us.
  5. The current version, 1.3.8, is stable on my AT&T Pre Plus. No crashing or freezes here.
  6. Thanks for the improvements! Glad to see development moving forward with Evernote on WebOS. Two suggestions: 1. Offline access. 2. Quick tag filtering capability. I suggest moving notebook switching to the app pull-down menu and making that drop-down box into a tag filter. I don't know anyone who switches notebooks more than tags. With offline access and fast tag filtering Evernote would be the replacement for the old Palm memo app that everyone is looking for.
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