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  1. Maybe they need to add a "lite" pay level. I dont use the app enough to validate paying the fee. All of the other paid benefits do nothing for me aside from being able to use the web interface on my work computer where I cant install anything.
  2. +1 with this issue. The only workaround I found was to go into the photos app and select the photo I want to put into my note and tap the share button...then click copy. Then go to evernote to the note I want to add the photo to and tap in the text box and then tap the paste button. A bit of a PITA but works until there is a fix to this bug.
  3. Getting an odd error when trying to use web clipper...its saying I reached my max upload but according to my account page I have only used 47% I am getting this in both the new clipper for Mac and in Chrome on windows. Any thoughts? Super annoying....
  4. Not sure if this falls under the same issue but in the latest version whenever I try to attach a photo to a note it lags horribly (30+ seconds probably) when I click on an album.
  5. Having the majority of the background being TRUE black will also prove as a power saving benefit on phones with OLED screens. This would be very nice!
  6. is evernote aware of this bug?? I am not sure how you submit those so wanted to make sure this gets fixed eventually!! That workaround is better than wasting time using the formatting buttons but it is still a big hit to my productivity and driving me crazy!!
  7. This button is silly when there is one in the top toolbar..ALSO even more annoying is on mac it opens the new note in a new window instead of in the existing window like the grey tollbar button.
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