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  1. Sorry, don't you hate it when you have an issue and someone else comes along and says it works just fine for me... :( Sadly, for you, the camera widget does exactly what you would want. Snaps the photo and I click save and into Evernote it goes.

    I have found, once or twice, that Android app updates can 'break' things.  I would suggest, if you haven't already done so, to uninstall the app and then reinstall. That has fixed minor issues like this for me previously.

  2. 3 hours ago, emmabee said:

    I use Chrome on a Mac and have Xero open in that - EN next to it and I cannot drag a pdf from EN into the file upload window of Xero. I can drag the same pdf to my desktop and then from my desktop to Xero in my chrome browser.... but as previous posters on this thread have said - it creates twice as much work and then requires a clear up of your desktop... 

    I noticed also I cannot drag a pdf from Evernote to my email (Mac native Mail app either). It just seems bizarre that this simple functionality is lost and has still not been fixed.

    Got it :) The drag and drop stuff from Evernote v10 is dysfunctional and has been all along. To keep your old workflow you have, as you have discovered, to use Legacy.

    What seems to be trivial may have all sorts of complications in the background or there may be other issues with higher priority in the requirement to fix.

  3. @emmabee I'm not clear just how your workflow proceeds. I, too, scan invoices etc into Evernote and this is working just fine for me with v10.

    I think that many of the issues that we face are connected to the fact that we think the workflow will be the same as the Legacy route. I've learned to adjust my expectations and now find most of my ways of working have settled.  For sure they aren't exactly what I used to do but they are close enough.

    The Evernote branded ScanSnap scanners were out of date before Evernote v10 and there has been a long-standing recommendedation to update the firmware. Evernote v10 with its green elephant does need that update.  I think you will find more discussion of this in the Scanner discussion area.

  4. 9 hours ago, DavidAmpleford said:

    Right click or double click, the result is the same: "Save as" -- not what I expect.

    I wonder if you have something odd inside your Windows preferences. Because I get exactly what I infer you require.  I double click, or choose right-click Open, and Acrobat opens containing the PDF. For me, Save As is a separate menu itme on right-click.

    You could do the standard Quit and reboot the PC or, more likely, completely uninstall Evernote 10, ensure that the data and program directories are deleted then reinstall and let Evernote rebuild itself.

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  5. 6 minutes ago, Shawn Hughes said:
    TASKs do appear properly in the Web Client at this time.
    I'm waiting on support to respond, I have asked them to escalate this support ticket.   My next home brew trouble shooting is to delete all the task from my data and see what happens.  I only have 22 notes that have task, but there are maybe 50 tasks so it will not be fun.  So I will wait on support before I try that.

    If everything is OK in the web client then that suggests that the server side data is OK.

    Since the total uninstall with the deletion of the data and program folders hasn't resolved this I am stumped. This has been a good solution for almost everyone who has experienced the issue. Since you continue to experience the same thing on a different Windows PC with a clean install it suggests an account issue or, I suppose, something relating to your Internet connection such as cacheing at the provider.  But that's really a guess which I'm not really thinking is the case.

    I don't think removing the tasks will do the stuff BUT you could make things easier for yourself if you moved all the notes containing tasks into a new notebook then export that notebook as an ENEX file. After the export you could delete the tasks and see what happens.  Then you could import the notebook with the task connected notes to recover them. If you had only deleted the tasks then you'd need to move the notes they were in to the Trash before restoring from the ENEX file.

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  6. 15 hours ago, WeCanLearnAnything said:

    My computer is about 5 years old, laptop about 3 years old. Both were far from top-of-the-line when purchased as I only use computers for simple things. Do you think they would have memory and lag issues?

    I really couldn't say.  For sure it isn't as simple as saying get a better spec computer although that might help. A lot of what happens in v10 is via a live connection to the servers. So your Internet connection will have some impact. So that means the full gamut of speed, VPN, firewall, cacheing at your provider etc etc. might also have an impact.

    I wish I knew why some users are doing just fine (like me) and others have a really poor experience in relation to speed. I guess expectation is also part of it along with my method of working and what I am trying to achieve.

    As @CalS says, you've nothing to lose by trying v10. The installation process will disable the so-called legacy version but you can easily reinstall and switch back if that is your ultimate preference. All you lose are the new bells and whistles.

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  7. I have pretty much moved to version 10. For me, the biggest flaw continues to be Printing. However, these days I rarely print from Evernote having moved to be as paperless as possible. I have no memory issues and no significant lag. Some things take longer to process because v10 syncs in real time whereas Legacy syncs every 5 minutes in the background.

    The biggest challenge for me is that I've had to change some of my work flows. Once I recognised that this is a new program and I needed to work with the new ways of doing things I was able to relax into working somewhat differently.

  8. This option was always a simple way to do what we used to do with Windows in the old days and create the shortcuts manually.

    The inability to launch minimised was something I found marginally annoying but I've become used to Evernote opening automatically but not minimised.  Actually it is only an occasional issue since I mostly use Sleep mode which remembers that Evernote was minimised.  I presume that this is an issue with the new development framework.

    In the same way that the SENDTO link is now automatically installed I would imagine that it would be low hanging fruit to provide a STARTUP option. In the meantime create your own by putting a shortcut to evernote.exe in

    %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Start-up

  9. 5 hours ago, andy_vdg said:
    • "Open In" not available in app
    • encrypted PDFs not supported
    • Import folders that remove the source file (apparently coming soon...)

    By 'Open In' do you mean to open an attached file - for example a PDF - in a choice of alternative applications? I certainly have an Open menu which, when used, opens the document in the associated program.  So PDFs open in Acrobat, Word docs in Word etc. But maybe that's not what you are wanting. In Windows Legacy there is an 'Open With' option which listed alternative applications to select from.  For sure that isn't present in version 10.

    For encrypted PDFs, on the very few times I use them, I am content to open the document in Acrobat and work from there and I have a simple workaround for the Import folder not emptying on import.

    This is all to note that these issues are mighty frustrating if you require your previous workflow to continue with the new application. In truth, I don't think that's going to be a positive way forward long term. At least you have the Legacy app for however long it continues to work - probably until the operating system gets an update which Legacy doesn't play nicely with. Sadly, once that happens, the only option will most likely be to adapt your workflow or move on to a different application.


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