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  1. I'm not sure what the school solution is, but if you do a back up of your files, you will get a file called My Notes.enex which will show you how big a backup would be. Hope this helps.
  2. I thought that would work, but as I understand it, the "master" database is on my Mac. I am concerned that when I wipe the hard drive, that would be seen as erasing all those notes. Not true?
  3. I have been having some problems with my computer which necessitates me doing a fresh install of my OS (10.15.4). I currently have EN 7.14. How do I move all my notes (~11K) to what is essentially a new computer? Thanks.
  4. I have been a user for years and generally am very happy. That said, I am frustrated that I cannot control that recent notes are displayed in the shortcut list. I really would like this to be optional. Any ideas? Thanks
  5. This may be due to IOS 11, since that is the only thing I know has changed on my phone. I have routinely used EN to listen to text. I would put a document into EN and then do a "select all." The menu would then offer "speak" as one of the options with the text. Before I could do this with multipage documents, but now, if I select more than a few paragraphs, the entire app will freeze. I cannot back out of it and the only way forward is a forced quit of the app. Anybody else have this problem or have any suggestions on how to deal with it?
  6. That pretty much explains the problem. If I select just a paragraph, there is no problem, but if I select a whole note of text which is longer than one page, EN just stops. This did not occur prior to IOS 11. I typically use the "speak" function to listen to notes that I have loaded as text while traveling, and this is a big hit to my productivity if it is not fixed.
  7. I have been using EN on a Mac for years and now have about 14K notes. Most are web clippings, PDFs and text files. There are some PP presentations as attachments, but not many. Because of space issues, I looked to see how big my EN files were. There is a primary and a backup on my drive that together weigh in greater than 25GB. Is this excessive? Is there a way to shave this down? Thanks.
  8. I "bring" notes I've created in other apps into EN two ways and the results seem the same. Either I create a note in EN and then copy/paste the contents of the document I created in (Bean, Word, textedit, etc). Or I create and save the note, and then in the Finder, drag the note into the dock and drop it in EN. In both cases, the text of the note remains editable in EN (pdfs are of course different). The problem is - at some file size which I cannot determine - editing the note causes EN to hang. This is not a show stopper. But it is annoying as it interferes with my workflow.
  9. Thanks. I will see if that works out for me. I appreciate your help.
  10. Thanks for the rapid response. I am sure that would work, but it seems that would only work if I never have to edit the note once it is in EN. It seems that using your method, I would have to export the note, edit it, and then bring it back as a new note in EN. Can you suggest a solution that is native to EN where I could add or remove a paragraph and not have to export a note or have the engine hang?
  11. I often create notes in other apps (Word, Bean, textedit) and then bring them into EN. Then I may do some further editing as I use the info. I find that if it is a larger note (200-300KB), after I input an edit, the app will hang. It may last for a second or up to 15 sec. This does not affect the other running apps. Any idea on how to get around this problem?
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