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  1. All of a sudden every note I use on my iPhone is “View Only” - why?
  2. Same issue. Windows 8 machine; Evernote 10.3.7. In general, due to this and other issues, I am having to log out and back in at least 3 times a day if not more rending the main reason I have it on my desktop as an app I use all day every day pointless. I am very close a serious breakup with Evernote which will leave me crying for weeks.
  3. I figured this out - it was because the note originated on the non-Premium user's device. As a Premium user, I have to originate the note for it to have history.
  4. Hello, I have the Premium version and have shared one of my notes with three other evernote users. I do not know what version they have. This note was changed erroneously and now I see that it does not have history even though my other notes do. Is this because the note is shared? or because someone I shared it with is not Premium? or both? Thank you in advance for your help in tracking down this use case answer.
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