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  1. Seriously it's been more than 3 months since the release of the current version and still no update. Evernote is just useless for me without this shortcut. I have around 12k notes with 234 notebooks. I'm always jumping from one note to another. This shortcut is a non negotiable requirment.
  2. Hmmm. How do i check for a database indexing? Whenever the usage shoots up, i wait for a while, sometimes even restart Evernote to let it come down back to normal usage. I have around 12k notes and I often shuffle between notebooks, a lot of editing etc. Not really sure if Evernote is a resource heavy application.
  3. I have this same issue in the Dark mode for macbook. doesnt happen in the normal mode. very frustrating
  4. Hi, I am a Macbook Air 2017 user running Catalina and Evernote 7.14. I don't know what happened but i have been experiencing major issues in the last few days. It's CPU usage is off the charts, going above 100% all the time. It's reduced my battery time down to 3 hrs only which is quite unusual and unexpected of a macbook. Could someone help me with this? Is it an Apple issue or an Evernote issue? Im also attaching some SSs for reference.
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