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  1. Hi Everyone

    Good news if you have Chrome — they pushed out a new update recently that included support for activating extensions via customizable input.


    Hit: '⌘' + ','

    to go to Settings

    Then click into the Extensions window


    Then just scroll to the bottom of the extensions browser under settings and click 'Configure Commands'.

    As seen here attachicon.gifKeyboard_shortcuts_screenshot.png

    Here you can add whatever keyboard shortcut you want (for those who suffer from decision paralysis '⌃' + '⇧' + 'e' or control + shift + e).

    My recommendation to make this even easier is to map the capslock key to control (⌃),

    If you want to do that in a mac you can under in the system preferences → keyboard → 'Modifier Keys' see image below

    attachicon.gifModifier Keys in keyboards.png

    For non-Mac users, I'm sure there are good resources online for how to remap a key as outdated as the caps-lock key.

    I hope this turns out to be helpful for people!



    Credits to ↬ http://superuser.com...hrome-extension


    Thanks for the tip, @Mike Pacer.


    I'm using the Canary Version 27.0.1441.0 build.  Looks like "Configure commands" will soon change to "Keyboard shortcuts" for all Chrome users:




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