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  1. Thank you @aliarose I've been dropping by this thread for about a year hoping the Web Clipper would eventually have native keyboard shortcuts. I wasn't aware of the Configure Commands until @aliarose posted this. By the way, "Configure commands" will eventually morph into "Keyboard shortcuts" under the extensions window; it's already built into Canary: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s18/sh/def2e5f1-82d2-4a91-b42f-829e1abcee27/230dd046e059150f6337d305e4489047
  2. Thanks for the tip, @Mike Pacer. I'm using the Canary Version 27.0.1441.0 build. Looks like "Configure commands" will soon change to "Keyboard shortcuts" for all Chrome users: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s18/sh/def2e5f1-82d2-4a91-b42f-829e1abcee27/230dd046e059150f6337d305e4489047
  3. Ever since I upgraded to 2.0, I've had an issue syncing. First, it took me over 8 hours to download data, and the syncing would freeze after about 20MB of download. I had to force quit the app countless time (and even rebooted my system quite a few times). Now, I can't sync to the server, though anything I clip from the web shows up in my client. I'll open a ticket, I'm sure it's a local issue.
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