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  1. I poked around on the forums for a bit after I wrote the above comment, and discovered that I had misinterpreted the keystrokes that form the new shortcut that returns people to the notes list. It is not Cmd-l (lower-case L): it is Cmd-| (pipe). I bet I'm not the only person who didn't get that!! The | (pipe) character is the one that shares the backslash key, and is invoked with a shift. So, it would be better if Evernote would promote that keyboard shortcut as Cmd-shift-| rather than Cmd-| But anyway, I now know the correct key combination, and it does work. Hallelujah!!! That combo, in conjunction with the tab key to move from the list to the current note; and cmd-ctrl-m to move a note to a different notebook, means I can do pretty much all my organizing without needing to touch the mouse. This other discussion in these forums was really helpful: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/50097-keyboard-shortcut-to-set-focus-on-list/
  2. Ya, I can't find anything that works. Maybe somebody from Evernote will see that there's activity in this thread, and will explain what they meant by having added ""Keyboard shortcut to return to notes list" -- and PRECISELY what the shortcut is, sigh. I would guess, though, that we won't hear from them. Their customer support is horrible; I've actually terminated my Premium account after supporting Evernote for five years, because the "concierge" support that's promised to Premium users simply doesn't exist. If the level of support I got as a Premium user is the best they have, then there is no hope of any assistance for anyone who doesn't have a Premium account (given that paid users already get next to nothing).
  3. I have a notebook that contains about 400 notes that need to have their tags reviewed and updated. I wish to do this without my hands leaving the keyboard, but there is one critical keyboard shortcut missing. Right now, I have two panes visible in Evernote: (1) On the left, a list of all the notes in the notebook (2) On the right, a window that displays the content of whichever note is selected in the left-hand pane I can quickly edit the tags of the displayed note by typing CMD ' to access the tags area in headings. When I'm finished editing the tag for the displayed note, I want to move back to the notes list, and then use the arrow key to move down to the next note in the list (so I can review and edit its tags). I cannot find a keyboard shortcut to take me back to the notes list. I've reviewed Evernote's list of keyboard shortcuts, and I can't see any that apply. I've asked Evernote support (via a chat) if they're aware of a keyboard shortcut that will do what I'm trying to do. They said there is none. So, this is a formal request to Evernote: please create a new keyboard shortcut for this function. Note that I am a long-time premium member, if that makes a difference to the attention this request will be given. thanks in advance for your help.
  4. I was pretty disappointed to discover, today, that this is still not possible in the iPhone and iPad apps. It actually makes no sense that this is not yet an option, because you CAN share a note to Twitter: when you do that, a tweet is generated, and the body of the tweet contains a shortened URL that points to the note, in the same way a URL generated from the desktop app points to the note. If Evernote is already generating a note link to be shortened and included in a tweet, then why not also provide the option of just giving us that URL that we can copy and paste anywhere we want? My workaround, for now, is to go ahead and send the tweet; copy the shortened URL and paste it wherever I need to; and delete the tweet if it makes no sense to leave it in the public stream. I'm actually thinking of creating a second twitter account, just to facilitate this process without any of my followers seeing these tweets. I will be ever so much happier once the Evernote team allows us to see the URL within the app, instead of in roundabout ways.
  5. I tried all the various installers for version 4.1 after my automatic update failed and I had no installation of Evernote. This solution was the one that got me going again. Thanks for the heads up. agsteele: thanks for posting back to the forum to let others know that my solution also worked for you. Note that I arrived at that solution because of a reply from Evernote suggesting that I might have changed the default install location and asking me to try installing to C:\Program Files\Evernote. I had most definitely NOT changed the default location, but Evernote's suggestion caused me to pay attention to where the program was set to install, and that led to the next step, which was to change the incorrect location to the correct location - which then corrected the problem. Evernote team: Please take note of the fact that TWO users have now reported an incorrect default install location -- there's clearly something funky in your install routine! This is very clearly not a problem that is happening because users are changing the default location to something of their own choice -- this is happening because of an error in your update. Shelley
  6. I had simply allowed the installer to install 4.1 in the default location. I don't know for sure where 3.5 was installed, although it's unlikely that I would have changed the location from the default at the time I installed 3.5. Anyway, I just tried installing 4.1 again, and this time I paid attention to where the installer was putting it, which turned out to be c:\Program Files\Evernote\Evernote. This struck me as odd, and I changed to the location to c:\Program Files\Evernote. And am now happy to report that Evernote is again up and running on my computer. Gotta say, though, that this is strange -- the program should work no matter where I install it, shouldn't it? Shelley
  7. My installation problem seems to be a bit different from what others are reporting. I had Evernote 3.5 on my Windows XP system; when I opened it yesterday, I was told there was an update. I went through the installation process, and it appeared to go smoothly, and the dialogue box said that 4.1 had been installed. But when I clicked the icon on my desktop, i got the little dialogue box saying Windows couldn't find the file. When I went into C:/Program Files/, I could see an Evernote folder, but when I clicked on that, I got this message: C:\Program Files\Evernote is not accessible. The name of the file cannot be resolved by the system. I have tried uninstalling (several times) and deleting the evernote.msi file (several times) and reinstalling, but the result is the same. Help will be greatly appreciated!
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