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  1. Hello, I found Evernote, through thesecretweapon.org which is an organization method that has really helped me manage tasks. It's a glorified To-Do list. It hinges on setting up Notebooks and Tagging Notes a certain way in Evernote. As an individual, it has really helped me professionally. I was really struggling with dropping small tasks through the cracks and having it come back round to bite me. I also had mild success implementing it between my wife. At one point we were selling a house and moving across country. We pretty successfully used it simply by logging into the same account. Currently I manage a small team of 5 people, and am trying to figure out how to implement the same proceedure between the five people. The sharing feature seems awful. When shared, the tags don't transfer, and shared notes can't be moved into any notebook other than the Shared with Me notebook. If I share a task with a team member, It doesn't get moved into the Completed notebook, when it's completed. Any thoughts/advice?
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