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  1. Ok, a lot of bizarre stuff happened, but after I did a search in my hidden folders I found the .exb files, backed them up, un-installed and re-installed and now everything is looking fine. Thanks for your help.
  2. It looks like the shortcut is pointed to the right place. I looked in the properties and it says that the target is c:\Evernote\Evernote.exe And the search function can't find an Evernote.exe file. What should I try next? Additionally, it looks like Evernote hasn't synced in almost a month so I'm a bit concerned about loosing those notes...it may be too late already, but if you think there's anything to be done about that, I would appreciate it. Thanks for you response.
  3. I'm having a similar problem. I followed the installer instructions and then when I rebooted my computer and tried to access evernote it couldn't locate the .exe file. Since I'd installed it in c:/Evernote I went to go look for it but when I try to open it I get an error message: "The name of the file cannot be resolved by the system" Any ideas how I can solve this problem?
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