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  1. The new business card scan feature in Android is amazing! Unfortunately, I have a couple hundred business cards saved in Evernote the old fashioned way (PDF or image scans) from long before this feature was available. Is there a way to command this operation to run on a pdf or image already in an old EN note? Thanks! Jeff
  2. Thanks everyone. I finally figured it out. Outlook->Trust Center->Add-ins-> Just above the "Manage" dropdown at the bottom, there is a check box for: "Apply macro security settings to the installed add-ins" Somehow, that was checked for me, so no matter what I tried to change, it was reverting back to the macro security settings. I unchecked that and was able to reactivate the EN plugin again! Jeff
  3. Hello, I had a strange Outlook crash and got a message saying it was caused by the EN Addin. Then asked if I wanted to disable it. I stupidly said "yes". Now I can't re-enable it. When I look in Tools->Trust Center->Add-ins it is in the "Inactive Application Add-ins" section. If I select it and go to COM Add-ins, it is unchecked. If I check it and click OK, it stays unchecked. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling EN. No luck. Help?! I really want my add to EN button back in Outlook. Jeff
  4. Hi, I really like the "save to evernote" button I have in Outlook at work. I wish there was a similar button for my gmail accounts. For example, check out how the unsubscribe.com guys put an "unsubscribe" button right in the gmail top menu (between the delete and move-to buttons). I'd like to have a "send to evernote" button right there. Yes, I know I can forward to my EN email account... but hey, I'm lazy! Or maybe there's a way to do that now? Jeff
  5. Hi All, I just started scanning business cards into Evernote. This is HUGE! I like that I can search for a person or company through OCR. Ultimately, I want to also be able to export the text of a biz card for use in a contact management tool. I see there are lots of OCR scanners out there that can do this, but I'm wondering if there is a way (or a Trunk partner) in Evernote to do this? Thanks! Jeff
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