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  1. To me this is a hack, because it introduces inconsistency to the meaning of the created date field. You have some notes where it means the date the note was created and some notes where it means something else. This might work in a single user environment where you remember which note is which. But when it comes to sharing it is critical for fields to have consistent meaning across all users.
  2. This is very bad news. This would be a very useful field. And, as you have pointed out numerous times, having a Due Date field would enable a number of very useful EN Trunk Apps. Any idea why it was canceled? Is adding another field really such a technical challenge? The lack of a date field that reflects the content of the note (call it "Due date", "Subject date", "Custom date") is the only reason I would consider moving away from Evernote. I mainly use Evernote for archiving scans of past documents, and there is no "non hacking" way to get a timeline of these. My Evernote archive is getting more and more messy in that regard, now that I'm coming up on 10K notes. I think Beyonce said it best: If you scan it and you save it, put a date on it!
  3. A few possible solutions: * If the article is from 1973, you could use the create date to reflect the date when it was created. * Put the YYYY/MM/DD in front of the existing title and use the Intitle search for the year. * Add some text to the end of the note - printed yyyy - then search for "printed yyyy" Workarounds exists yes. However, in other programs, such as the wonderful program Papers [http], I always sort papers by their date. This is not possible with the workarounds (except if I add the date in the beginning of the note names, but then I can't sort alphabetically). Exactly. Subject date is such a fundamental property of information that it shouldn't be subject to workarounds and interpretations. This will become more evident when notebook sharing in Evenote takes off. If a group of scientists share a notebook with old articles and scientist 1 uses "created date" and scientist 2 prepends the title, it gets real messy and effective searching is futile. Such hacks are frustratingly flawed. I use the "prepended title" hack myself, but I have an increasingly bad feeling about it as time goes by. Fortunately the "due date" field is coming, so there shouldn't be any reason to use "subject date" hack anymore. My point originally was that the new "due date" field is semantically the same as the "subject date" many of us miss. I just wish that the field will be labelled something more generally suitable than "Due date".
  4. I agree that the changing label idea probably isn't too practical to implement. So let me strike that I wonder however why they removed the "Subject date" field if it was in 3.1? I see Evernote as an information storage, no matter what use case you have. And date, location and source are the 3 aspects that describes the origin of information. Evernote already has location and source (at least URL, other sources is probably best described in free text anyway). So why they would remove date from this equation baffles me... With date and location included I see a future with a map and a timeline slider so I can easily visualize where and when my information originated
  5. I understand that Evernote is very restrictive with adding functionality for a specific use case. And I don't want it any other way. I'm very happy that they are going to add a new date field that I can use for my needs. I just wanted to point out that it might be an idea to name the field in a more general term. The term "Due date" skews heavily towards the to do/task list manager crowd. I know this might be considered nitpicking and semantics. I'm very happy that the new date field is in the works, whether it will be called "Due date" or "Subject date". Evernote will anyway become perfect for my functional needs
  6. Does Dave or anyone else from Evernote have any comment about this? I have been thinking more about this and was wondering if a "due date" field could change label whether it's a future or past date. Such that: "Subject date" < current date <= "Due date" Since a date in the future is inherently due. And a date in the past is not due anymore. If the label changes from "Due" to "Subject", and maybe also change color, it will also be easier for those who use notes for task management to see when a due date has passed. And of course this would make my archiving needs fulfilled completely
  7. I see that the "Due Date" field is coming "soon". Which makes me hope that this new date field also can be used as a general way to reflect the date of note content. Including notes with "old" content. I use Evernote primarily as an archive for all my old scanned documents. I'm also a hobby genealogist and use Evernote to store census images, parish records and other life event documents which usually have a clear date or timestamp connected to them. Evernote has been awesome for these purposes, and I've just passed 5000 mostly "historical" notes. But the more I put in the more I miss a good way to add the date of the content. I tried to change the created date, but quickly realized the flaw in that strategy. I've since prepended the note titles with a yyyymmdd format for sort purposes. But this feels more and more like an ugly hack. So I see due date is coming and I'm thinking that it is really the same as I am asking for: a way to reflect the content of the note. Whether it's the date of old letters, receipts, tickets, genealogy stuff or future events and tasks. Is this a correct interpretation of this new date field? And if so, wouldn't it be a good idea to call the new date field "Subject Date" instead of "Due Date"? To better reflect the general purpose of both future and past dates. I don't use Evernote for tasks, I use Remember the Milk for that. But I recognize those who do, and see the need for a way to reflect due dates. So since it is semantically the same as my use of "origin date"/"source date", I would think it's a good thing to combine it into one date field that feels natural for both parties. Just a thought. Sab Norway
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