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  1. looks right, although its hard to see that in the advert.. thanks! i know they are worried about the 'powered etch' of fine tip pens for a stylus but seems like there is some room to innovate here.
  2. please bring this app to android and stop the i-stupidity.. i'm getting sick of apple based products when android is by far the largest OS out there. i think i would actually use this app if it was on android. Also, anyone know what pen they were using in the add? i can't find a stylus that fine anywhere?!
  3. ya, have been looking for that stylus/pen the whole morning?!
  4. I second the #2 suggestion, i was just looking for such a thing.. I think just a simple button at the top of the screen that lets me lock the not for editing... for example i often pull out notes when i'm writing code on other pages and sometimes end up typing/***** up my notes rather than typing in my editor.
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