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  1. Okay, I just started using Evernote since getting an iPad. I love the concept but the implementation is not quite there. Before using Evernote, I use a Firefox plug-in called Scrapbook. You can capture web pages or web links and put them in a folder like structure. I was hoping Evernote can replace that, but it is still deficient in certain areas: 1. A lot of web pages I have captured using the EN web clipper comes out horrible. The layout is all messed up. I have never had a problem with Scrapbook. The EN developers should consider contacting the Scrapbook author and maybe adapt/license its technology. 2. I have tons of captured web pages organized by multiple-level folders in Scrapbook. It is how my brain like to organize things. Using EN single level notebook means I have to look through a lot of notes to find the one I want. The new stack concept helps but you still can only have two level of hierarchy. Please seriously consider adding some sort of hierarchy. This way, people can organize their info the way their brains work - either by tags or by folders. 3. Tags - Okay, we are supposed to use tags to organize our stuff instead of folders. I am really trying but I found out you cannot have the same tag under different hierarchy. For example, lets say I want to have the following: Projects -> Widget 2.0 Product -> Research -> Some Other Gadget -> Research I can't do this since Research cannot appear in two places under different hierarchy. Frustrating! I had to name them Widget 2.0 Product Research and Some Other Gadget Research. 4. Native Viewer - I want to add Word, Excel, and other popular formats as a note. It would be fantastic if EN can display them directly in the viewer without having to launch a new program like the PDF viewer. 5. How about providing the ability to capture a web URL/link and not the actual contents? Why? Because I want to save the site so I can find it later and go back. In this case, I am not particularly interested in capturing some specific content but as a reference site. For example, the US Census Bureau site. Love to hear some feedback! Ben
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