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  1. Long story short.. I thought I was getting OCR for free because I could search within PDFs with my Plus account. I just realized that EN was NOT giving me a freebie (waaa..), and apparently my scanner was doing for for me. I'm paying $35/year and don't see the advantage of upgrading to Premium to pay $70/year. So is there a way to search for, or identify individual notes that have not been OCR'd? (I couldn't find anything in the search syntax post. (https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313828-How-to-use-Evernote-s-advanced-search-syntax) Thanks!
  2. Ehhh.. I would hold off on giving that out as a suitable workaround. I can imagine syncing issues if people are constantly adding/removing devices to get around the device limitation.
  3. I can confirm that previously OCR'd documents can be searched with a less than Premium account. This includes PDFs that were previously OCD'd by Evernote. i.e. If you subscribe to Premium and later cancel it, you keep the OCR'd version.
  4. Somewhat related question.. When scanning a document using (any) software to create a PDF, do I need to enable OCR mode, or is Evernote able to do index it regardless?
  5. I'm trying to use a flatbed scanner, so anything with an ADF would be beneficial. In the meantime, I don't have any software with the scanner (aside from the drivers) which is why I'm needing software. I have an old version of Adobe, but it doesn't like Vista (that makes two of us!).
  6. Before I embark on the (rather painstaking) task of digitizing all of my paper documents, I was wondering if you folks had any advice for the "best" software product to do it? Unfortunately, I don't have the money (okay, probably have the money, just not the desire to plop so much down..) for a Fujitsu -- which probably has great PDF scanning software included -- so anything freeware or reasonably priced would be great. Don't need a lot of features.. Multipage PDF documents that are OCR-friendly should be about it.. Thanks in advance!
  7. FWIW, I've (re)upgraded today. Here are my reasons: 1) Show support for an excellent product and it's community. 2) Offline notes on my iPhone. 3) Note revisions (I commonly make mistakes and wish there was a back button!). I'm certain I could have done without 2 and 3, but feel strongly about well-developed products receiving (financial) support. There seems to be a lack of things worthy of getting excited about, and I feel Evernote may be one of these things. Good work!
  8. I whole-heartedly agree; hence my concern that there isn't a lot of difference between Free and Premium. Even if *I* support them, will enough of the other users agree that it's the "right thing to do"? While I'm not suggesting it be changed, even the advertisements in Evernote are so unobstrusive, it's almost not worth hiding them. I imagine that I'll be signing up very shortly.
  9. Great, I understand the difference between text searching and OCR now. However, I've noticed that I am able to search for text in a JPG picture of a scanned receipt. I used to be Premium and have since reverted back to Free. Does the OCR conversion (and subsequent indexing for searches) only affect new documents as a Free, and documents uploaded as Premium are still searchable? The fact that I can do an OCR search as a Free user is one of the reasons why I was confused to begin with, and have since questioned the rationale of upgrading beyond moral correctness.
  10. Thanks for the response! I didn't realize you could specify which files you wanted to cache offline. I suppose that could be handy. I don't understand "image recognition within a PDF". (Sorry, it's Monday!) When I type a word, i.e. "taxes" it shows all of my PDF's that have the word "taxes" in the content (not just the header/title). What other image recognition is there? I personally don't see the advantage of sending any file type to Evernote. IMHO, sending a Word document to Evernote (for example) is useless for anything other than backup (which may be the very reason others use it). Still, I think there are other devices available to backup these types of files (i.e. Sugarsync, WebDAV backups, etc) that exceed Evernotes ability/intent. Now, if Evernote displayed the file (rather than showing only the icon) and indexed it for searches, then I would see the advantage.
  11. I think 99.9% of the problem is my corporate environment -- which coincidentally blocks Evernote.com when not being used over SSL.
  12. I don't intend on trolling, or want people to become defensive. I really enjoy Evernote, but am confused about the benefits of upgrading to Premium (aside from showing support to Evernote). According to the website, Premium users receive: I won't even discuss numbers 1, 3 and 9 as they are completely straightforward. I don't know what #2 means when #4 talks about mobile phone syncing. 4. I am able to add and synchronize on my iPhone with a free account. "Access your notebooks offline" means I can access them as long as I'm connected to the internet..? Also, if I have a Premium account, all notes are locally cached on my phone for offline reading? If I had 1,000 PDF's, wouldn't that take up an extremely large part of my iPhone's storage space? Is there a way to disable local caching? 5. I can search within a PDF when using the free mode. I'm not sure what this means. 6. I can connect to Evernote web over HTTPS with the free mode. Also, according to this post (http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=20756&p=87577), it seems I'm getting SSL over the desktop client regardless. 7. I haven't noticed significant delay when comparing free vs paid. 8. Haven't had to use support, so can't comment on the time difference of a response. 10. What future developments are there? (I understand this could be a whole new thread itself..) Again, I love Evernote and wouldn't mind supporting the cause. I just don't understand what I'm getting aside from larger uploads and an increased quota. Doesn't the current pricing scheme promote users to upgrade for a single month, upload all/most of their files, and then revert back to free?
  13. Syncing has been completed on my Windows application (does it normally take over a half hour?), and the quota of 1MB used is now correctly reflected. Not a huge deal, but I wonder why Evernote suggested an upgrade when I was well underneath my monthly quota?
  14. BTW.. I just looked at my usage and there is a discrepancy. While the Windows application states I've used 83.3 of 40 MB available, the web application states I've used 1 of 40 MB. The Windows app is still syncing, so we'll see what happens after it completes.
  15. Last month, I upgraded to Premium. I allowed the account to relapse so that I could consider signing up at the yearly rate, so I'm currently a Free user. This morning while at work, I started the Evernote (Windows) application, and received the following error before the sync completed: My question is.. I wasn't trying to upload anything (merely started the application, and it was syncing). I haven't uploaded anything since I before my Premium account expired. Any advice? Thanks in advance.
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