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  1. Hi. I'm just old, but same result: I need to be reminded of lots of things. With Evernote though, you don't need to duplicate notes. The default view is 'all notes' and any tag, title or search will find a note anywhere in any stack or notebook. My only problem usually is that when I search for something I saved, I never remember the right keywords to use...
  2. I have a template which mainly consists of two lines of text with several blank lines between them. The paragraph has been encrypted. I can use the template to save an encrypted note by decrypting, editing and re-saving. AFAIK the plain text never hits the server.
  3. Hi. Better to send your news to a 'read it later' app like Pocket - you can save anything worth keeping to Evernote later. I don't know of any way to filter a feed into Evernote other than by reading the content first.
  4. ...On the 'one note / many notebooks' thing - it's a really bad idea if the content of that note might ever need changing. Best principles say notes should be unique so you that in the event of change you only have to visit the contents once, and duplications / conflicts never arise.
  5. Hi. Version 8.22 is now available - - and 8.16 was current at the end of last year, so they appear to have gone through several iterations of fixes and improvements. Since this (AFAIK) is not happening in isolation - new features are concurrently in development for several operating systems - it's not easy to say "we'll launch a new editor next month" when development work isn't complete and QA hasn't started, and other teams have their own versions to complete. Evernote haven't ever gone in for pre-launch announcements, and I wouldn't expect them to start.
  6. Hi. No rocket science involved here - the app got confused for some reason (changed IP addresses?). Just delete both MacBooks and then add the device back when you want to connect again. It takes a couple of seconds.
  7. Hmmn. Maybe explains why I'm not suffering from the general issues - I'm on 8.11 beta already...
  8. Not sure how feasible that is in Windows - searching inside file contents outside of their host app hasn't been something I've needed to do often...
  9. Editing notes on a mobile platform is occasionally frustrating. Mobiles do not store notes by default - existing notes are downloaded from the server and retained in temporary local memory until the changes can be synced back to the server. New notes can be created on the device, but again are kept in temporary storage until they can be sent to the server. The connection between mobile device and server can be variable in quality and interrupted at any time, so the server may have some difficulty in recording the note accurately... which is where the locked and conflicting notes can arise. One way around this may be to become a subscriber so as to be able to save notes to the local device with or without a reliable local connection.
  10. Ow. Missed that. I agree with @s2sailor - surely there's no reason why someone would want to import file #09 in a series of 12. Unless there's a better way to identify a note or a notebook from within a series of backups, the obvious tactic would be to import all the files - One. By. One. And then search for the required note(s), restore the required content and delete everything again. That is not an elegant process...
  11. Hi. Sounds more like a problem with Aptoide than with Evernote - have you uninstalled the store software? I'm guessing you may need to uninstall apps via that.
  12. Full marks for finding a fix yourself - and a bonus mark for posting the solution. Could you also edit the title of your post to include "SOLVED" please? 😊
  13. Hi. Evernote's limited Editor feature set doesn't allow much in the way of fine-tuning text layout. You may be able to get more permanent results by using a table to constrain image size - or it may just be best to use a Word Processor and attach a PDF file to your note. This is not something which can currently be 'fixed' - there are only work-arounds.
  14. Hi. I'm not a Mac user, but I'd be pretty sure the answer is 'no'. In Windows I rely on my OS's inbuilt settings to sleep after a few minutes and require a password on waking up - and the ability to sign out of Evernote if I'm not using it.
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