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  1. Hi. If Evernote can't easily duplicate the issue on their test machines, they need to understand what is causing the crashes before they can fix it for everyone. - and if they still haven't found it, and can't yet fix it, not replying to questions and suggestions will mean the support request gets closed - on the basis that you may have found a fix anyway. See comments above - and we're all paying for unlimited storage, searches and a lot of other features too. Annotation isn't something I use (and I'm not a Mac user anyway) - but aren't there a range of applications that could be used for annotation, besides Evernote's built-in feature?
  2. Hi. Ctrl+Help in the desktop version will give you an extended menu which includes "rebuild text search index" which may help. Don't run it unless you won't need the system for a while, because it can take more time than for a beverage or two if you have lots of notes. Please don't play with the other options - they're meant to be for Support to suggest in specific circumstances and may have ...unexpected results in some cases. I have used this one though, and it does seem to improve searches.
  3. Hi. We're a -mainly- user supported forum, so under-the-hood technical questions about a beta OS aren't easy to deal with here. The Support team is available on https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new, or https://twitter.com/evernotehelps if that link won't work for you.
  4. Just had a quick check in the current Evernote beta and it worked for me on a Samsung tablet.
  5. Hi. Are you printing the note content, or an attached file? If it is the content, it might be feasible to use a browser on your device to log in via Evernote.com, find the note and then share using the browser's features rather than Evernote. Don't think it's a case of Evernote not wanting to allow their users to share outside of Evernote - anyone could always copy and paste content and / or attachments into a standard email anyway. More a question that a printing option in Android has never been available before, and it's not caused much comment until now. (And for the record I don't find that many other apps have a share function that includes printing - although I admit quite a few have a 'print' button...)
  6. Hi. Your current process with PDFs just relies on the fact that an Evernote attachment can be opened by any suitable editor, and the amended version saved back to the note. No special 'integration' required. If you can find some specialist epub software with an editor that allows you to highlight text and save back to an epub file, that should be enough. Some web searching and research required though, I think - please let us know if you find a good epub editor. You could also look into whether highlights transfer when an edited PDF file is converted to an epub file. Calibre is certainly capable of converting the epub file to PDF and back. It also has some epub editing features. Calibre has an inbuilt library folder, but it also edits epubs. It could be useful to try it out. It would be (IMHO) highly unlikely for Evernote to want to be directly involved in any of this unless there are a lot of users desperate for something similar. You could post in the section below to see if there is any support for the suggestion... General Feature Requests
  7. Hi. AFAIK the only last update was beta-related. What Evernote version do you actually have? And when you say "no working" does that mean you get an error, incorrect results, zero hits or an endlessly circling green flash?
  8. Meanwhile, this link will take you to instructions to leave the beta track - https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/115012981847-How-to-join-the-Evernote-for-Android-beta-program
  9. Hi. Your Evernote account exists on the central server. Check that its there by using a desktop browser and signing in to Evernote.com. Your phone doesn't retain a complete copy of your database, that's stored in the cloud; so yes - if you haven't changed your password or followed the other advice here, your notes are still potentially at risk.
  10. I understand the frustration but Evernote has thousands of user feature requests for many different aspects of its operation - including the ones that still don't work properly. They're presumably working through them as quickly as possible, but they'll prioritise bug-fixing and the features in highest demand first. Maybe RTL hasn't got to the top of the list yet. Usual advice probably already in this thread: if you can't live without a feature - find an app the delivers and stick with that. If you can live with work-arounds, then stick around for a while and see what happens. Users' choice.
  11. Hi. Have you tried sync / uninstall / restart / reinstall ? - I have the same version on a Samsung Note which seems OK to display either theme.
  12. Hi. About the only suggestion I have is to sync / uninstall / power the device off and on / reinstall and try again... if that fails try the Support team who are available on https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new or https://twitter.com/evernotehelps if the support link won't work for you.
  13. Hi. Depends on exactly what you're doing - it's not possible to save a note as a template until the content has been synced with the server as a standard note forinstance. Can you describe what steps you've taken to create and sync your note and provide a screenshot of the menu maybe?
  14. I'd guess Evernote are working on table features anyway, since (I also guess) they're a component of the global editor which supports all devices on all OS's . So we should see more improvements this year - whether or not that includes row height will depend on where that comes in the general priorities. If you're in favour of the idea please click the up-arrow at the top left of this thread to increase the counter. The more votes, the more likely you are to see this sooner rather than later.
  15. Good to see the votes here are going up (now 43). Just for the record, my earlier comment was more along the lines of a response to the 'request' to get this done in 2019, and the likelihood that Evernote will have a few other higher priorities than this particular issue - unless they're also getting flack from other channels on the subject. Although I'm not an iOS user, I do have dozens of major and minor niggles about how Evernote works on the platforms I do use, that I'm (still) waiting for the company to fix. I'm aware though that they have a huge range of platforms and OS's to address (and a lot of active users). Almost any change is going to take time.
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