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  1. Great idea, but I'm like the maid.... I don't do windows.... :-)
  2. Adding my voice. This would be EXTREMELY good and useful. I'm a premium user and am not looking at other options. Evernote is my life, but this would make it better....
  3. I totally love this idea. I've only just begun to use Work Chat and I totally see the need for labeling the chats. It could get really confusing very quickly.
  4. this discussion can continue over here: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/43806-disappearing-right-side-panel/
  5. I agree that we need an option to turn it off. I understand it's like that in the simplified article. Yet, why do I need the extra mouse-move/click in order to save. That's not a very good usability design....
  6. I'm using Google Chrome on a Mac. I love the web clipper functionality and use it a lot! What I don't understand is why it appears, chooses the defaults for the article (simplified, full page, etc.) then disappears and I now have to click the tab to choose "save" Wy can't it just appear and stay on top? It's an extra click that doesn't make sense to me..... But in the most recent update, it may only do that in the simplified save version.... Any thoughts?
  7. I would love to see this in Evernote - all evernote apps. Even though you would be servicing a minority of users, some of us users have no evernote products on our phones because of this feature. I for one would LOVE to see all EN products have some form of parental controls, or the ability to shut off direct links and force to open Safari. Here's another discussion about this: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/34140-disable-embedded-browser-in-evernote-ios/
  8. So, I too was a little upset that my notebooks "disappeared." I thought, "this is dumb." But it took me all of about 5 minutes of trolling the new menus to see that I could turn the list of notebooks on or off in the VIEW menu. I like the shortcut menu - I dragged several of my most prominent notebooks there and the rest I have turned off. I like the upgrade overall, having just played today with it. We'll see how it goes. I wish I could customize the button bar at the top of the screen and put an "email note" button in there. I haven't liked the two click to email a note that came with v.4, but I will probably live with it.... :-) Hey! I love Evernote....
  9. Thanks everyone. Some good links and discussion in the other threads. Much appreciated.
  10. My old Canon scanner doesn't work with Lion, and it's a slow-flatbed scanner. I'm very interested in either the Fujitsu scanner or the Canon one mentioned in the title. Anyone have any ideas? I'm on a mac, and want to integrate with Evernote (obviously). rog
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