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  1. Please see my strong thoughts somewhere in this thread on the breach of faith Evernote created with the users and subscribers who entrust them with their most important information. No, the issue is not one of their making but I remain disappointed in Evernote's poor choice not to keep us updated with the latest information and directly support those of us with questions and concerns. What a missed opportunity to demonstrate to core customers that they actually care about all aspects of how we manage our most essential and personal information. A poor choice indeed: a breach of faith is not
  2. Finally, we agree! Evernote sent out a note informing us there was a looming and potentially serious problem with the Evernote-branded product they sold us and told us to go look to Fujitsu for solutions. I have no more technical expertise than your average end-user but I have no trouble understanding how and why Fujitsu is the only company that can fix this problem. (Well. maybe they need some help from Apple.) I also have no formal training in customer relations but I certainly was expecting that the company and product I have been a loyal and enthusiastic customer of to offer dedica
  3. Pasted below is the email I received. I read through it again and failed to find the words "we are working on it" and "we will keep you apprised" -- or messages to that effect. It mostly refers to "they" (Fujitsu) and directs Evernote customers with any questions (or concerns!) to look to Fujitsu for answers and support. Maybe I should have signed up for a Fujitsu Premium Account instead. Dear valued SSEE user, This email is being sent to Evernote users who purchased our ScanSnap Evernote Edition (SSEE) scanner on our Evernote Market site. We w
  4. Here is my reading of the email that Evernote sent us: 1. You bought your Scansnap Evernote Edition from us. 2. There will soon be a problem with this (expensive) product we sold you because of the hardware and/or drivers made by Fujitsu. You are now in their hands. 3. We have now met the minimum legal threshold of "product support" to you, our customers, as per our lawyers. 4. Good luck!
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