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  1. Thank you 'gazxumped', but I am aware of that option. Going backward is NOT a satisfactory solution. Also, not good business practice to introduce versions with serious flaws. I posted in hopes of learning, other than development versions, if a fix is known. There seems to be a lot of activity with other browsers. I can't help but wonder if, for some unknown reason, whether Evernote leadership sees Firefox as non-preferred browser. Even though Mozilla introduces versions too quickly, log-in functionality is not rocket science. How long they going to drag this out?
  2. I am using Firefox 50.0.2. and currently Evernote Clipper 6.10.20. Its working. However, it will, at some unknown point, when I open FF, show me as not logged-in. At that juncture, it won't allow me to log-in either. When I open FF and click the Web Clipper button, log-in box opens, it takes my log-in data, closes, but doesn't log in. After multiple log-in failures, I completely remove Web Clipper from FF, and install old 6.9.3 version, which works. Soon thereafter it shows an update is available, so Install and all works fine for some undermined number of days. Till I open FF and it requires log-in but won't log-in. I repeat the aforementioned steps and it works again, etc. Even if FF keeps changing code, I can't imagine 'all' changes affect Web Clipper log-in. I have no idea why fixing this is such a log-term issue.
  3. I had a software co, so know the variables. Log-in bugs are not rocket science. This issue has affected a number of people, yet there are only a few browsers. Also, I am pretty sure mainstream Evernote revenue covers downstream development and support of side products like Clipper.
  4. I run Firefox 50.02 with no problems. I got notice that an Evernote upgrade was available, so I upgraded. Not only is the constant log-in annoying, at times, the log-in box won't stay open long enough to log-in. After numerous attempts to fix it, I reverted back to 6.9.3. That's not to say it doesn't have problems with NoScript and other bugs; its to say its NOT as annoying. Given the number of people that use Evernote Clipper, its surprising that Evernote is having such a problem fixing issues that have existed for sometime now. Log-in should not be a problem. Every software app that I have uses log-in, and they are non-events. As I said elsewhere, I use Evernote on iPhone and Evernote desktop, mostly with clipper, and get regular prodding emails to buy the service. Given that Evernote problems directly affect my productivity, I can't see my way to pay for them. Who does that?
  5. Without prior review, I updated my iPhone 7 to Evernote version 8+. After spending time looking for the 'dark' vs 'light' switch, I realized 'dark' and front page was gone; very disappointed. I use the free Evernote versions on the desktop and iPhone as opposed to free OneNote. Given the manner in which I use the desktop version, and troubled "Web Clipper", and now this. I am hard pressed to see my way to paying for them.
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