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  1. Appreciate the reply GM. I would have not posted if a rollout schedule had been posted instead of the nebulous 'eventual' answer. As for paying for this feature I don't see it as premium (unlike encrypted notebooks) since most everyone is providing 2fa functionality now.
  2. I'm disappointed that free accounts are not getting this basic security feature immediately as well. 'Eventual free user rollout' doesn't seem like it's coming very soon.
  3. I use Evernote casually because there is no 'Zero Knowledge' encryption ala Spideroak. Notebook level encryption as a premium feature would make me a paying customer.
  4. I am right there with you on this. Evernote has graciously refunded my money and I'm on the free train once again.
  5. Queues for the free accounts are backed up according to the status page. http://status.evernote.com/ The queue backups seem to be a fairly frequent event right now so I too would like to see a dashboard indicating current (updated every 1/2 hour or so) email and OCR queue times on the status page.
  6. Thank you for the SLA reminder. Personally I don't care if I get a response I just want the service to work. I hope you at least have notified the engineers they have a problem.
  7. This has been going on too long. I use the email feature as an important part of my Evernote workflow. I opened a ticket yesterday with support and I only get a reply when the queue has cleared. The last email to support (9 hours ago) has gone unanswered and I assume I'll just get the same 'queue has cleared' reply. Does Evernote treat the SMTP gateway to our notebooks as a critical part of the infrastructure or is it some dusty re-used box that they reboot when someone here complains? I am very disappointed at the unreliability of the service right now
  8. I can confirm I am having issues with email inbound to Evernote. Outbound to external email addresses is working fine for me.
  9. I would like an Evernnote rep to let us know what the current queue times are for PDF scanning and inbound Email to notebooks. I have sent several emails to my account and it's been over 14 hours since any have shown up in my evernote DB. Everything is not back to normal for me.
  10. The delay is still 6+ hours for my docs to get scanned. FYI, here's a response from Evernote support that lists some very specific rules about PDF scanning:
  11. Well after returning home I see that the pdfs in question have indexed. Mr. Benson I think you are right about the queues being backed up from this week's problems. Emails are currently missing from yesterday afternoon as well.
  12. I have several emails MIA since yesterday afternoon sent to my Evernote address from my gmail account. I think the queues may still be backed up from the problems this week.
  13. That's a possiblity and that is why I uploaded 'control' pdfs to test. They indexed almost immediately
  14. Any PDF I upload that I haven't scanned with the Scansnap is searchable within 5 minutes or less. I've uploaded 6 Scansnap scanned PDFs and none of them are searchable (it's been 2+ hours since I uploaded the last one) As another test I uploaded a PDF that wasn't OCR'ed by the Scansnap software and none of the words are searchable. I then uploaded a 'pre-OCRed' by Scansnap version with the same image quality and it's searchable almost immediately. Links to the two files in Dropbox: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/123657/Scansnap%20test%20file%20Pre%20OCRed.pdf http://dl.dropbox.com/u/123657/scansnap%20test%20file%20No%20OCR.pdf
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