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  1. Appreciate the reply GM. I would have not posted if a rollout schedule had been posted instead of the nebulous 'eventual' answer. As for paying for this feature I don't see it as premium (unlike encrypted notebooks) since most everyone is providing 2fa functionality now.
  2. I'm disappointed that free accounts are not getting this basic security feature immediately as well. 'Eventual free user rollout' doesn't seem like it's coming very soon.
  3. I use Evernote casually because there is no 'Zero Knowledge' encryption ala Spideroak. Notebook level encryption as a premium feature would make me a paying customer.
  4. It's an extra step to be sure but in the Mac 2.0 client you can just right click (ctrl-left click) and 'Open With' Preview, Adobe Reader or whatever other view you have installed.
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