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  1. There is a warning message (pop-up) after syncing, isn't it?
  2. Currently, the conflicting changes - notebook is sorted correctly between all custom notebooks but has its distinct icon. I experience conflicts quite often due to the fact that I work in Evernote on two maschines(notebook and office computer, switching from one to the other randomly ). Removing the conflict is easy, but I find the empty folder distracting among my own folders and therefore delete it - and guess, it always comes back after a while... Would it be an option for you to move the "Conflicting Changes" folder to the bottom of the list (as it is a special folder and not a user generated folder) thus not sorting it with the others? (Other option would be an auto-delete if empty. If moved to bottom I would as well keep the folder and never delete it. My point: I am distracted by its position among my well-sorted stacks and notebooks not by the folder itself).
  3. It is more convenient to organize clients in stacks with notebooks inside than tagging them. Forget to tag one note and you'll have a hard time to find that note again or worse, you might not realize this note is missing when reviewing your data with respect to this client. As one reader points out via pm, that work vs private idea is limited too and I have to agree. Stacks that can contain stacks are a more flexible solution, his example was Work/Private/Archive.
  4. Therefore Stacks would have to be hierarchical: Stack Work Stack Client 1: Notebook 1, 2, 3, 4 Stack Client 2: Notebook 5, 6 ... With current Stacks, I need the Stacks for the Clients
  5. That is exactly my point: there are various means to secure some specific data: several pw-managers for passwords, some note-managers for notes, some encryption software for all kind of files. Truecrypt pimps Dropbox, and so on. BUT: no chance to get a superb note manager like Evernote to secure all of your notes (and not just special ones for special purposes) as soon as the leave your client to be transmitted and stored in the cloud. At least I was not able to find one, that works at least cross platform between Mac and Win (Tips welcome!). One could have it all in one application and technically, it would not be that difficult to add encryption on a per notebook-basis...
  6. Sadly there is no software like Evernote that works cross-platform Win/Mac/Linux. One could try with a weird combination of Evernote local folders, Truecrypt and Dropbox to gain added security. I have already tried this but the files on Mac and Win are not the same, so you can not bridge platforms with this approach. I do not see to much added complexity for the users - it would still be an option to create an encrypted notebook, not a must I do not know about legal aspects though, I am from Europe and these discussion are quite relaxed here...
  7. For work/business data security is crucial. Therefore I want to propose the feature of fully encrypted notebooks - even under the condition that these notebooks do not have all features of normal Evernote notebooks. A minimal and incredible useful enhancement would be the possibility to add a third type of notebooks in addition to synced and local notebooks. Encrypted notebooks. All notes in the notebook are encrypted with an high standard encryption (e.g. AES 256) and transmitted to/stored on the Evernote server. Encryption is performed only locally using the passphrase. Lost passphrase, lost notes. No access on the Evernote Web. In other words: no unencrypted data leaves the client machines. I am not sure if it possible to add encryption to iOS and Android versions of your software, but I would find it extremly useful even if limited to the full-OS clients. Sharing would be the nice, if possible (by sharing the folder normally via evernote and sharing the passphrase on an individual channel (personel, phone, ...)).
  8. I came to this idea, as I use Evernote both for work and private notes. Stacking does a good job on grouping notes, I really love this new feature in the beta. Still, there is one thing missing: the separation of private and work content (in one account). As there are no sub-stacks, this can not be solved using stacks. I want to suggest a modification to Notebooks/Tags/Saved Search in the left pane: just make the Notebooks header clickable in three parts "Notebooks: All | Work | Private" and display notebooks according to the selection. The notebook preferences would just need an additional field to select work/private. (Remark: One could also just replace Notebooks with three headers All Notebooks/Private/Work in addition Tags and Saved Search but in my opinion this is a waste of screen space)
  9. Seems to me this has not been implemented (yet?). At least, I did not find a way to do this.
  10. I fully agree - normal folders and shared folders may differ from a programmers perspective, from a users perspective, a separation imposes limitations in the work-flow. Personal note: I think one of the best features is the fact, that all folders with their notes are in ONE place. There is ONE box to search them all, ONE list of matching notes for easy browsing. Building Stacks is a long awaited feature, great to organize work, private, projects, ... . If someone shares a folder with me, I might want to sort it into my personal hierarchy, e.g. add the folder to Stack Project X. On a separate pane and without full search integration the sharing is too limited. If you have to set limitation, it seems better to limit tagging - at least for me, I always use the search box to find my notes.
  11. We did sync multiple times, removed the sharing and shared again. Synced again. There clearly is some kind of bug. Today it works on my computer (I see the folder shared with me) but not on the other account (the folders shared by me).
  12. Shared folders should be like non-shared folders in all aspects. Same pane, stackable, fully searchable (which is a major drawback now), moving notes in and out, ... . Color-coding is sufficient to distinguish those shared folders.
  13. You can use Evernote online (using your favourite browser) and/or download one of the clients, e.g. the Mac Client. You seem to use it online, therefore no Evernote menu but the Firefox menu.
  14. I upgraded to 2.0beta yesterday. Shared two notebooks and got one notebook shared with me. We both see the shared notebooks in the Evernote Web but not in the Mac-Client. Under "Shared", there are no notebooks displayed except the Ron's Tips, which works. Does anyone have a similar problem? @Evernote-Team: Thumbs up for integrating the long-awaited sharing feature and the stacks
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