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  1. 2 hours ago, gazumped said:

    Yep,  but it's one of thousands of 'simple' requests that folks have made,  like colored text,  better bullets,  nested tags,  tabs...  It's not possible to drop everything to add just one bit of code - and there's a bit of planning and testing to go through before updates get released into the wild.

    Yeah, I can see that indeed.


    But, with one small flick of the pen and adding a number to the Evernote home screen icon, the immediate gain is Evernote becomes an instant EFFECTIVE task/project reminder manager and tactically places itself as a viable alternative to something like Todoist which is kinda good strategically.


    Whatever though I guess, am sure coloured text is make or break compared to this.

  2. 12 minutes ago, gazumped said:

    I'd imagine it's a resource that requires the app to feed a count to the OS so it can show the number.  If Evernote didn't add that count code to their app,  there's no number.

    Oh, so you're saying it is Evernote that didn't add the count code, that makes sense, I thought you meant Android hasn't shown reminders.


    I would have thought it was relatively simple as the language is there already isn't it?, certainly internally the labeling to trigger an event is i.e. "reminderOrder", "reminderTime", and "reminderDoneTime":  and if you just used reminderOrder:* for instance as a query and get Evernote to post that total as a number on the badge..then Whamo! problem solved.


    Clear as mud

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