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  1. Hi Here's an idea: if only Evernote for Android (and possibly other platforms as well) registered its own URL handler in the system in the form of "evernote://" and provided some means of showing/generating unique note's URI, we would be able to do the following: - Create a note "Fifth box's in the second row contents" in Evernote for PC / Web - Display and copy note's URI in the form of "evernote://note?GUID=xxxxxxxx" or whatever is suitable - Encode the URI as a QR Code, print it with a label printer and stick it on the box some time later: - Fire up a "Barcode Scanner" on the Android phone - Scan the label on the box and click "Open in Browser" - Evernote for Android app takes over and launches the "Fifth box's in the second row contents" note - TADAAAAAA!!!!.... Brilliant, isn't it? Of course I've omitted some obvious technical details like checking if the user is actually authorized to access this particular note but I'm sure you'd know perfectly well how to get this right. Seriously, the potential possibilities of such a mechanism just in the media/documents/wine collection/whatever cataloging field seem endless to me. And I can think of about 10 new every minute, from the crazy and a little silly ones like "when I watered this plant the last time" to more serious like keeping track of the vehicle fleet's maintenance tasks ("So, when I did change the oil it this one? Oh, let's just scan the oil cap"). Aaaaaaaaaaaaand... you could get in touch with Bro... ekhm... one of the leading QR Code-capable label printers' manufacturer and arrange an addition of some nice deal to the Trunk Just don't tell me you don't like the idea - I'm already pretty excited with the possible perspective All the best Zbig
  2. Hi Any information if/when the Android client will support C2DM push, cloud-initiated sync on compatible devices (Froyo+) in addition to scheduled sync? Regards Zbig
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