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  1. I just downloaded this app. Looks really cool. Thanks for the Idea !!!
  2. Also having this same issue. I'm using iPad 2 air. iOS 8.4. Ver 7.7 Premium. This happens when Sharing highlighted text while reading book in iBooks.
  3. Thank you Ominzen. I've been trying hard to be a loyal penultimate user, but have found using Penultimate extremely quirky and irritating to use for many reasons. I decided to splurge and pay the $9.99 to try Notes+. I have been playing around with it for a day or two, and I am finding it a joy to use. I had tried other note taking apps, like goodnotes, and noteshelf, but didn't like them enough to switch to them. Notes Plus is awesome. Sorry Penultimate you lost me.
  4. I just checked again to make sure what I was doing before replying to you, and this weird behavior has corrected itself. I was turning my device and the tools were at the top. So, right now I am noticing this update is very good.
  5. Quick note: when switching from landscape to portrait, the handwriting is offset by about a 1/4 inch. Switching back to landscape the handwriting is spot on. I am using the Jot Touch.
  6. I don't think this can be done, but it is a really great idea. Similarly, At my job, we have to record lot#'s of items we stock. Typically we write the lot #s on the packing slip or invoice and then scan it to save in Evernote. , Searching for the lot# later in Evernote, comes up with results not found. It does not work, no matter how neat the handwriting is. Even when I've tried to take a picture of the lot# (which is usually a alpha-numeric, and then try a search on the image, I get no results. I am a premium user.
  7. Settle down everybody. Evernote is only 6 years in to becoming a 100 year company. They have 94 more years to go to get things right.
  8. Hey JB. Did you scan the docs and shred them? You must have been working around the clock to get that job done. Good luck on your home move.
  9. I like the cards. I think thumbnails are too small. Before using cards, I used list view. But why can't thumbnails be an option for those who like them?
  10. Has anyone here on the forum tried this new Everdoit app? I see this guy has been self promoting for a while. Then the app came out and got a few 1 star ratings, then got about 20 5 star ratings in a row. I am very suspicious. The reviews all seem like they were written by the same person. Before I spend $5.99 on an unproven app, I would like to hear some feedback here. Thanks
  11. I didn't exactly say it failed me. I downloaded the app and just hoped that it would have more to offer. From what I can see after only briefly using it is that it looks very similar to iCal in list view. Except that it is possible to link an Evernote to the event. But, you can't easily attach easily a note because there is no way to search for a specific note other than specifying which notebook it is in. One cannot also attach a note and then find it unless one has internet connection. All I was wondering is: what can it do that iCal and Evernote can not?
  12. I'm glad this app was free, because I don't see how it is useful- at all. If I am missing where the magic is, please le me know.
  13. That's weird. I have 10,000 or more notes collected over a 2 year period. I have and use daily Evernote on my iphone, ipad, mac at home, and Windows at work. I have never lost a note, and the 2 or 3 times I have contacted customer support, they have responded immediately. I'm not doubting you have had a problem, it's just weird how your user experience is so different from mine.
  14. You know, one day Evernote is going to go down and never come back up. No company lasts forever, not even one that boasts they are a 100 year company. Just sayin...
  15. I am having the same exact issue. I added an Airport Extreme to my system, with WEP password protection, and now I am unable to sync. I have an additional complication in that I was having a problem with my iMac, so the kind folks at Apple fixed the problem with my computer, but wiped out all my data in the process. Thankfully most of my important stuff is in Dropbox and Evernote. But not being able to sync my Mac is a major inconvenience. I had to re-download and re-install Evernote on my Mac, and that went fine. The syncing is where I am having the problem. I didn't occur to me until I read the above post that it might be related to my wireless device, So of course I am also interested in a solution to this. I was going to wait until tomorrow to see if the problem persisted, and if so I will put in a support ticket.
  16. Finally after reading 5435 of your posts Ms. Fries - I can finally use one of your suggestions on a daily basis Excuse the sarcasm- I'm a bit of a wise guy. Keep on posting and doing what you do. This really is helpful.
  17. This question is also of interest to me. I was also wondering how to import (not my notes) but my 1500+ saved emails from Outlook into Evernote. It never occurred to me to select all and "click elephant" However, I get same error (above) as Lee did if I try to select a lot of saved Outlook emails. It seems like I can select up to around 10 emails at a time (sometimes more, sometimes less) without getting an error. I'm not sure what is causing this error and would be interested in finding out as well.
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