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  1. Using Penultimate in landscape mode often; my hand often hits the bar at the bottom where the number of pages are indicated - and it triggers either the panel to popup or for the screen to auto-scroll down or up. Is there a setting to change that?
  2. zaud


    I'm interested in beta-testing Penultimate - definitely using it a TON on iPad Pro. Very interested in helping. LOVE you guys!!!!!

    I think I've done everything required - the signup form, and following this topic. Hoping you will check my credentials and let me in soon. 

    Many thanks,



    1. Scott Douglas

      Scott Douglas

      I also use Penultimate a lot but just on the regular iPad -- would like to know how to change settings so that when I open up a notebook it defaults to going to the most recent page rather than the beginning or somewhere in the middle of the notebook.

  3. any possibility we'll have a feature to email or notify (in Yosemite) that a change has been made? Also seeing a lot of visual "debris" around menus, etc. with new Yosemite installed.
  4. My Evernote 5.3 isn't updating - at least not through the Mac App Store. Is there another way?
  5. Is there a way to take a shared notebook - and then pass the ownership to another account? Or can I copy all the notes to my own notebook? I need to copy a shared notebook because an employee is leaving the company - and he's using his personal account with his Evernote system. Help!
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