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  1. Why does the App show "Upgrade" in the left menu, when it knows I'm logged in with a Premium account? How can I change the "Evernote local files" database location? Currently Evernote is going "hey, he doesn't really want me to close my current database and open up a different one, what he really wants me to do is copy the current over the target directory, so I'm going to do that instead!" I use Evernote daily for almost all of my data and it's things like this, not to mention the chronic slowdowns, that really make me wonder why.
  2. I don't know what version I had in before this one "Evernote for Windows (276127) Public" because it appears Evernote doesn't store that information in its text logs. I have a relatively small SSD as boot/windows and a large E: drive as data. Evernote was on E: Now it's used up all the space on my C: drive. And downloaded over 8GB of data. Not happy.
  3. How about warning us that an update is going to wipe the entire local database and redownload everything? Not to mention blowing away our chosen screen layout configurations and resetting everything to default?
  4. Running Evernote /debugmenu used to present a Debug menu with the option "Optimize Database". As of version 5.6 of Evernote Windows "Optimize Database" is no longer present in the Debug menu. What is the new method of optimizing the Evernote database?
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