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  1. Is there an easy way to download all my notes via Linux then delete them all from the evernote servers? If I delete my notes does this actually mean they will be removed from ALL evernote servers/databases etc??? Reasons: No Linux client, pricing, privacy (who knows when they will come up with new ideas about reading our notes), evernote web sucks
  2. Well my experience with EN and Wine is getting worse and worse: I could run 5.8 with occasional crashes (such as changing notebooks and tags within notes) under Wine 1.75 5.9.1 and 5.9.5 is just shocking: * notes are not even displayed in the Notes Panel. When EN starts one note is displayed but when clicking on another one will not display that note * cannot edit notes even if I open them in a new window Mint 17.2 with all the tricks outlined in post 1. Any ideas for troubleshooting please?
  3. Korben D. (Evernote Support) Dec 26 12:00 I appreciate your patience. I was able to locate the original bug that was filed for this issue. The issue is still open and in development. I made some comments in the case and have talked to the engineering team to try and get the priority raised on the issue. I will keep you in the loop if I learn more information. Hopefully we will be able to have this resolved soon. Let me know if you have any questions. Regards, Korben D.
  4. I created 2 x notes on EN Android and I tried to edit those on EN for Windows, but I could not even click in the content field. It is the same whether the note is displayed in the main window or if the note is open in a separate window. Congratulation for creating the second major Android/Windows bug. The other one is when an EN Android audio note cannot be displayed in EN Windows, reported over a year ago. How dare you calling your service "Premium" when it takes 4-7 days to get back to me. The only thing you ever do is ask for the log file and leave the tickets open forever. Evernote sucks!!!
  5. Hello Is there a way to insert tables with fixed cell width? It is kind of annoying to see the table cell shrink/grow when you type into that or another in the same row. Thank you!
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