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  1. I work for a large corporation that apparently has many Evernote users. However, per our computing security policies, use of Evernote is not permitted for company use and the site is blocked by our firewall. Can anyone point me to examples of large corporations that have successfully implemented Evernote for internal use -- and have overcome the security concerns? Many thanks.
  2. Once I have captured my location data inside a note on my iPhone, how do I share that geolocation data with another user? If I email the note, the location is lost. Thanks Lee
  3. Thanks, Dave and all for the workaround to sort the notes first. That does the trick! I do hope the click order feature will be back soon though. Thanks again... Lee
  4. So I've begun to use Noteshelf on my iPad and importing handwritten notes into EN. Of course, I need to merge the images of the notes. But no matter how hard I try (cntl-clk, shift, clk, etc) I'm getting my notes merged in REVERSE order. Is there any way to change the merge order? I'm having the problem on both Win and Mac. Thanks!
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