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  1. excellent idea! and so simple! it worked. thanks!
  2. Evernote on iPad is missing old notes that I have on all other devices. It only has the latest notes. All news notes get synced to iPad, but old notes do not. As far as I can tell there is one old note on iPad's Evernote and all other notes are those that were created on any device since I installed Evernote on iPad.
  3. I have a new installation of Evernote on iPad (iOS 9.3) and it only syncs recent and new notes. All my other installations of Evernote (Mac OS X, Android) perform full sync. Any ideas what could be wrong with Evernote on iPad? thanks!
  4. Hi, but how can one crop images at the point of taking them on Android (and not using workarounds based on other camara/image apps that support cropping). ?
  5. @engberg: larger Android OS based devices make certainly easy for finger to be used as a "stylus". And even on the small ones one can make rough sketches. Hence, please add INK to you not-so-distant future capabilities. Another question about INK: is it supported on Windows platforms? (I am using Win XP for tablets). thanks - Jacek
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