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  1. Ok, so I found the Settings under the drop down menu near my name in the upper right corner, but still nothing where I can delete the date that the note was first created that continues to show up...frustrating! If I could just print from the actual app without underlining being a problem, that would be great! Why is such a simple thing like underlining an issue for this app????? And now, I tried printing from the app itself and chose to highlight with the brush icon in place of underlining, so it shows yellow on the screen. But, when I print, the yellow does not show!!!! Ugh! First time I have used this app in a long time and such basic things seem to be an issue - frustrating!
  2. I accessed the web version just by going onto Evernote.com as I did not see the Settings link that you referred to. Any idea on how to elimintae the date modified/created on the web version print out? Thanks! Do you know much about Evernote Touch? I am assuming I would have the same printing error with that as the standard app.
  3. Thanks for the reply! I did print from the web version with no issues, so thanks again! Now, on this version, it did also print out the date and time that I last edited the note. How can that be deleted before printing? The "Options" choice that JEFITO mentioned I do not see on the web version. I wonder why this issue cannot be resolved within the app itself?
  4. Yes, I am on Windows 8. So, because of that, there is no solution to the problem? None that I know of. Are you using the Touch application, or the standard WIndows desktop application. From the latter, I select File / Print, and I get a dialog that lets me select a printer, page range, number of copies, etc. The Options button is on the lower left-hand corner of that dialog. OK, found the Options selection you were referring to, thanks! Is the underlining an issue with the Touch version? How is hte different than the standard Windows desktop? Looks like I have both.
  5. Yes, I am on Windows 8. So, because of that, there is no solution to the problem? Where is print dialog? All I am doing is choosing File>Print when I am viewing the Note from my desktop. Thanks.
  6. I am keeping a basic food log on Evernote and have a note for each day. When I went to print out the day, 2 things are happening that I would like to change: 1) the things that I underlined look fine on the screen but when I print it out, the line is too high and almost looks like it is running through the words I am trying to underline instead of resting beneath it. Again, it looks fine on the screen though. 2) Can you set an option where the "created" and "updated" dates and times do not show when you print out the note? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Cass
  7. You could always make your own integration. That's the story behind Egretlist (only for iOS.) ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!! Maybe you missed the part where I said I was a complete newbie???? Believe me, you would not want to use anything that I could come up with - your desktop and mobile device might explode! (and that's if I actually knew enough to be dangerous!)
  8. Sounds tedious...Is this really a tough problem for the developer to solve? I know nothing about this stuff but the core of the issue seems so basic, doesn't it?
  9. My thoughts EXACTLY! Those kinds of lists are mobile-necessary just by their very nature alone....grocery shopping or shopping of any kind where you check things off as you go along....when are you ever near a desktop for that??????? Really surprised that such a sophisticated program would have such a basic flaw.
  10. I'd venture to guess that the note isn't formatted to Rich Text unless you make font changes, add checkboxes etc. If it's just straight text using the default font/size, then it doesn't require rich text formatting. Hmmm....ok, good to know. Maybe I will just save the Bold and Italics for notes that I will not need to likely edit while on the road???? Would love to see this "flaw" changed though, because otherwise, the program ROCKS!
  11. Well, here is one app that does what you mentioned, but only for iPhone (I have a Droid). http://blog.evernote.com/2010/05/26/egr ... -evernote/ I took one of my notes that I created on my desktop, selected "Copy" (not Append), made the changes I wanted, and the only drawback I found when I pulled up the changed list on my desktop was that all the Bold and Underlining that I had done to make some items stand out was no longer there. Should that be the only real issue I should be seeing with the changed note? Also, why are some note coming up Rich Text and some not, even though I created all of these notes on my desktop?
  12. So you CAN edit via mobile? did not understand what this means below (sorry, newbie here!) . Can you explain what this statement below means and what changes I can make when creating notes on my dekstop to make them able to be edited via mobile phone? " If you create a rich-text, you can add sth to the note or duplicate it without rich-text" Also, I noticed that you if create checkboxed in a list, those checkboxes appear on your mobile phone but you cannot seem to "check them off" as you move down your (shopping) list. Any way to change that? And if you cannot avoid creating rich-text notes (I am have Windows 7 and Outlook 2007 on my computer, not sure if that is related to this topic or not), then when editing on your mobile, do you want to choose "Copy" or "Append"? thanks for the help Cat Thanks!
  13. Sorry, thanks for that but honestly, this statement below just brought EN from a 10 to about a 2 as far as programs go! If you created a text note on the Android, you should be able to edit it on the Android. If the note was created or edited somewhere else so that it contains "rich" formatting (images, headings, etc.), then it can't safely be edited on the plain-text Android editor. So basically, ANYTHING that I create as far as lists on my desktop cannot be edited when I am out and about and need to make some changes? Honestly, what is the point of having EN available on a mobile device if it is strictly for viewing purposes? That seems like a major (and deal breaking) flaw!
  14. Ok, so I just spent a boat load of time creating some lists on my desktop in EN. I syned, left the house, and while on the road, tried to add and also delete some things on those notes and could not. Got this message: This note cannot be edited. This is a rich text note and can not be edited on your phone. You can either append the changes to this note or create a plain text copy of the note and the original will be moved to the trash. Isn't the point of having EN available on your phone is that you can make changes/updates from anywhere and all places will sync seamlessly? Can someone help me out with this?????? Thanks, Cat
  15. Makes sense...thanks again for all the help and replies. I have already made some good notebooks and am really seeing the value of this program. Now, off to do a "search" to see if anyone has found how to create a good To Do list in EN!
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