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  1. Thanks, but the file is wrong or not OK. I can not open the file and my Web Clipper File is 3,73MB and your is only 4,59KB. But many thanks for your try, Steffen
  2. Maybe you can send me the xpi File to manually install the Beta? The Addon XPI File is on your Frefox Profile in the folder extensions. Normally with a UUID like {E0B8C461-F8FB-49b4-8373-FE32E9252800}.xpi You can open a xpi File with a Zipper software and can see the single files so you can find the Evernote Addon (look at the icon and picture files in the XPI and so you get the Addon). Thanks, Steffen
  3. Where can I get the 6.10.3? At Mozilla Addons I can only found the 6.10.2! Thanks, Steffen
  4. Hi, since the update to the Web Clipper it do not work any more. I try to to delete and reinstall the Addon but if I click the Web Clipper Icon nothing happens. No Clipper no error windows or something!? What should I do to use Web Clipper again at Firefox 64bit version (Waterfox)? Regards, Steffen
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