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  1. I guess you don't have teenage kids? Or did you think all those games were targeted at adults? I wish I had that kind of time! And yes, I do let close friends use my phone on occasion and at times they may have wanted to do a quick search for something on the internet. I don't know why you would find that shocking. :? Isn't the purpose of having the internet on our phone to be connected wherever we are? What I don't understand is why a simple request for a feature turns into an attack on a person's character. I have done a search on this topic (as suggested above by BurgersNFries) in other areas of this forum and it seems to frequently take this same turn. That is what I find shocking! Nobody has the right to tell me, or anyone else for that matter, how I should use a piece of equipment that I payed for with my hard earned money! If I choose to let my teenage child (who by the way in on the principal's honor-role) play a game on my phone while driving to dinner, that is my prerogative! I just wish that we could keep this on topic and not turn this into an attack on my or anyone else's character! I apologize for the rant but this just upsets me. And I will have to disagree with you, I don't think you see the problem. I do think you should direct your personal opinions to where they are more appropriate and keep the topics on this forum inline with the intended purpose. Moving on to more constructive comments. Thanks, I did not know about this feature. The only drawback is that the notes are no longer searchable. This looks like the best option so far. I will evaluate App Lock and Application Protection to see which one works best. Thanks for the suggestions.
  2. Relying on the pin lock at a device level is not sufficient. While this may protect the data from most people, it will not protect from someone you may lend your phone to to play a game or browse the internet, which is a frequent occurance with these types of phones. Someone may want to place sensitive or confidential materials into Evernote and have that protected while still allowing their kids to play games on the phone. For me, until this happens, I cannot use the application to the full. This is a shame too because Evernote seems to be the most polished online note app for the Android platform.
  3. I would like to request a feature for the mobile app. It would be great if we could set a security pin code on the mobile apps to be able to access Evernote on mobile devices. Once you log into the account on the mobile device, it will never prompt you for a password unless you explicitly logout. Right now, this is preventing me from using the mobile version since I keep notes that I would like to keep people who 'play' with my phone from looking at them. Thanks
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