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  1. Hi, is was wondering if you have had the opportunity to look into this yet? Thanks!
  2. Agreed I don't know how easy or difficult this is to implement. But I would like to know whether Evernote think this is a desirable feature, or that it is unimportant.
  3. Why not just add a search qualifier (something like substr: or ptm:) that triggers the search function to do a substring match or partial text match on the existing index. Easy to implement, doesn't affect normal search speed. And if one uses this qualifier one accepts the time penalty.
  4. Currently, when I want to copy note content, I need to open the note for editing, longpress the note content, and then I can only select "Copy all text". If the note contains rich text I even have to convert it to flat text first. This is an unworkable situation, and not worthy of Evernote. What I would like to be able to do, is to select the exact text I need, directly from a note without having to open it for editing, and then choose to either copy or share the selected text. And if it is absolutely unavoidable to convert rich to flat, I would like an option to make a temporary flat text copy for the purpose of selecting and copying, which is discarded after that, so the original note is untouched. As an example: On my HTC Desire running Froyo, if I longpress text in either the default browser or the default mail app, a portion of the text is selected, and two draggable handles are presented that enable me to easily modify the text selection. I can then choose to copy, search for or share the selected text by pressing the floating buttons that are also presented.
  5. If I want to find all notes in tag A or in tag B, I have to search for: "any: tag:A tag:B". If I want to find all notes in tag A and in tag B, I have to search for: "all: tag:A tag:B". It would be nice if the search dialog has an option to select multiple tags to search for, plus the option to find any or all records. Like it works in Evernote for Windows.
  6. When I click the button for encrypted text in a note, nothing happens. Note created with Evernote Windows (110099) Prerelease. Android Evernote version 2.0.1 prerelease 110327.
  7. I can find a note by searching for part of the title, only when the search string starts with the first letter. If I use a substring that is further on in the title, the note is not found. So if I have a note called Encrypted, searching on Encr finds it, searching on cryp does not. I am on 2.0.1. prerelease buidl 110327
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