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  1. HA! You fixed it! I just upgraded my OS to Win 10 and installed Evernote. In one of my attempts to restore my notes I tried importing the old database folders, which didn't work BTW. I eventually figured out how to get my notebooks back, and forgot to remove the folders I had tried to import. Once I deleted the entry, my problem is solved. Thank you very very much!
  2. So Evernote is constantly generating notes and filling up my inbox. I get four to six new notes every time I open Evernote. The files are named .sessiondata, .accounts, *.exb.context, *.exb.snippets, applog, etc I am getting tired of constantly deleting these. Is there a way to make this stop?? Thanks!
  3. Is this coming back?? I have no desire to clip to the web interface. No that this is broken, my workflow is seriously hindered. Should I move on, or wait impatiently until this function is restored?? Thanks!!
  4. Well, 30 mins after posting, I seem to have solved my problem. I did something I should have tried before posting, but oh well, all is good now. How I did it: Shut down Evernote, deleted my entire Database folder, and copied it back over from my NAS. Started Evernote, and it prompted me right away to import my database. That's it. Maybe it got corrupted somehow on the first copy or something, dunno. Anyway, thanks!
  5. So I reformatted my Win XP computer, and reinstalled the latest version of Evernote ( The previous version I was running before the format was --- I am guessing this based of the latest log files I have in my backup folder. I had a backup of the folder I was storing my database in, and tried to point Evernote to it in tools "Evernote Local Files". Problem is, none of my notes opened up. I can use the links to open the database folder and see all my files in it, but the notes are not opening in Evernote. Inside my databases folder, I have the following: Folder: Attachments Folder: Dict Folder: Logs Folder: Updates xxx.exb xxx.exb.bak xxx.exb.thumbnails I can see all my log files dating back to February, and have two exe's in the update folder. Everything seems to be there, I just cannot see my notes. Any ideas??
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