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  1. Hi Justin, Yes, it looks like this is something that would work. Something like the first note of the default notebook would work too, or else a hardwired "scratchpad" note is OK too.
  2. Yes, I know about Merge, but that's a lot of clicks ... I like MacJournal's append mode, it allows to stay in the browser and quickly append URLs or snippets of texts. Then the next day, everything is nicely arranged in one single note. How about drag and drop with "option" to append to the first note of the default Notebook?
  3. Is there a simple way to append a clipping to an existing note? This is something I liked a lot with MacJournal: drag-n-drop to the icon and everything appends nicely at the end of a default note. Very useful when doing some research for example. I am talking about URLs and text (default formatting) or pictures. It would be great to do for example ctrl-command-a to append to a default note instead of ctrl-command-v to clip to a new note everytime. With the current paste to evernote, it creates a new note everytime and then I have to go and merge note. Too many operations. BTW, the 2.0alpha is great!
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