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  1. I left an inquiry on the Apple discussions forum and was advised to re-start in Safe Mode. I re-started in safe mode, opened the App Store, and it said that all my apps are up to date. Then I re-started again, went back to the App Store, and again it says that all my apps are up to date. Problem solved!
  2. PinkElephant: thanks for sharing your similar story. In my case, all my other updates are working fine; it's only the Web Clipper that is doing this Groundhog Day thing. And I only have one user on my laptop. I did recently buy a second laptop, but since all my other apps are updating without a problem, this would appear to be an Evernote issue. Unless I'm missing something? Thanks again for your help.
  3. I have double-checked all the privacy settings and Safari permissions mentioned above. But when I click the Update button in the App Store, the circle completes and then the button just returns to "Update." I've been going in circles on this. Any advice?
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