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  1. Since the new, improved Evernote (which is a lot slower), I'm not 100% sure the user is #1 in Evernote's view. I feel like the newimproved web UI client is doing way too much, and I don't see, with that philosophy, why a browser extension wouldn't also (attempt to) do too much. In Evernote's case, I'm not concerned with privacy so much as I am performance and reliability. Since Brave blocks ads, if Evernote wants to sniff my traffic and sell my surfing habits to advertisers (the user not being the most important figure, in Evernote's view), I don't care. I'd be suspicious of EVERY browser extension, and extend trust to only a few. (In fact, now that I think of it, it's really high time for me to uninstall a few extensions (from Chrome, not Brave) that I really don't use any more.)
  2. It is my understanding that a browser extension/plug-in basically can see all of your traffic and everything you do in the browser all the time, regardless of which site you're accessing, while a bookmarklet is passive and only does something when you click it. So, yes, I want a bookmarklet. And, yes, copy-paste is what I do now. ctrl-T to open a new tab, click on the address bar, type in "ever" TAB, W A I T for Evernote to load, click on "new note", click on the tab containing the original link I want to store, click on the address bar to select the url, hit ctrl-c to copy, click on the tab containing Evernote, click in the note text area, hit ctrl-V to paste, click on the note title area, either type in a title manually or click back to the tab containing the original page I wanted to save (and click-drag ctrl-c to copy the headline, click back to the evernote tab, click in the title area, hit ctrl-v). I'd prefer a bookmarklet.
  3. Hey, y'all. I'd prefer to just sling the current page into Evernote quickly and without a browser extension/applet that sniffs all my traffic and keystrokes. Which is one of the reasons I use Brave. I'm a paying Evernote user. Thanks.
  4. Good idea. Now that I'm paying for Evernote I can expect a bit higher level of response than "well, it's free, waddya want for nuthin"?
  5. Replace Facebook: that shouldn't take more than about 3 weeks, right? Seriously: allowing/managing comments on notes in public notebooks would be sweet. Then I could start putting up YouTube links and news articles and stuff and people could comment.
  6. I'd like to use Evernote as my Delicious replacement. That would require better tag management. Collapsible Tag bundles would be nice. Hierarchical tags, maybe ("software/development", "software/debugging", etc.) Maybe the tag bundles are better.
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