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  1. One more comment here. Just disable the add-in in Outlook. Do not try to remove it, otherwise it will be installed automatically when the computer is booted up next time.
  2. Problem was solved temporarily by disabling the Evernote add-on in Outlook 2003. Hope this will be fixed in the later update version.
  3. Hi Erwlas, where can I uninstall the plug-in in outlook? I could not find the option in outlook 2003 on my laptop.
  4. I am a new user of Evernote. The version I am using is After I installed it on my laptop, I found my outlook2003 crashed frequently. I tried several times and found the possible root cause: the software will add a button on the tool bar of outlook named "Add to Evernote". If I don't start Evernote (I don't want it start automatically with windows log-in), outlook cannot be launched correctly (no-response), and the button is grey. After I uninstall Evernote, outlook recovers and works properly. There's no option in Evernote to disable this button in outlook. If this problem cannot be fixed, I am afraid I cannot use this powerful tool any more...
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