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  1. Hi all and thanks for the replays! Ok for the encripted notes, is a useful feature. I hope that will be extended at the nobebooks root (for example at all the notes contained in a private notebook). I'm trying to study the tag function but it seems not so easy and quick like a real folders and subfolders management. Other little things that I hope will be updated: - when I open the iPhone version I see a insertion panel (new audio, new text ect...) but it seems that I can't decide the default panel (notes for ex) - In the notes desktop I only see all the notebook togheter: may be bette if I could navigate in a single notebook ("maps" or "work" for example) selecting it on a left or pop up menu, in the same way I do on my mac In eny cases, compliments for the beautiful program. Cip
  2. Hi all!!!! I think that evernote is really a usefull program. The only thing that I can't understand is: can I protect some notes with a password? (just like the toodledoo notes for example). I frequently use evernote on macos-windows and iphone and if I want create a new note containing a credit card pin or other important and private informations, I'd like to have a pw protection on that note (only for any single notes or almost for a group of notes in a folder). Another function that I hope you add soon is the possibility to create subgroups: for exmple a folder named Maps, a subfolder named Geographic Locations and any sub-subfolders that are named Rome Map, NY Map, My House Map, My Girl Map etc...) Can I hope that you add these functions ASAP? Thanks Cippino
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