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  1. Too bad that Apple abandoned the ZFS project, which probably would have sped up adoption of this change. Separately, of course I'm an Evernote premium user! How could anyone not be ;-).
  2. Okay - I'll take your word for it! When I navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/Evernote/data/.../content/p159 for instance, there is a folder with with what seems to be a note's given source files. (?)
  3. Thank you....it's very reassuring to see that the "native" files (PDF, DOC, etc.) are maintained in the source form in the individual item folders. I suspected (incorrectly) that the notes were stored all in one file, a SQL database/sparse image or the like. I feel better knowing that the source files are maintained so that one bad disk write operation won't "take the whole thing down." I'll take your advise and continue the Time Machine backups! Adam
  4. I'm wondering how Evernote and Time Machine inter operate. Is OS X's time machine smart enough to recognize individual changes/update only those, or does it backup the entire notes database upon the slightest change in Evernote? I ask because my Time Machine backup seems to repeatedly backup the same 3 GB file. I'm suspecting that it is the Evernote database. If that's the case, I'm tempted to exclude the database from my local backups (as it's all in the cloud, with no local-only notebooks), but it would be nice to have an extra redundant local copy on my backup disk. I know this used to be a problem in the early days with Apple's Aperture database (pro photo program), but am curious if it affects Evernote as well. Thanks! Adam
  5. In my mass-migration to the world of Evernote (loving it!), I would equally love to find a way to drag and drop or otherwise import pre-existing documents while retaining the 'created on' date for use in Evernote. I realize I can go item-by-item and modify the created/updated dates but it's a bit difficult when you're talking about bringing hundreds of items in. Is there a work around for this? If not, it'd be a great future feature! Adam
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